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had my 24 week appointment today.

She said 'Hmm didn't have the Triple screen?" I'm like "nope, dont see the point in it, I'm at low risk for those defects, I'm under 35, and I wouldn't care what the results were either way" She's like "Good! Sign the form saying you refused the test"

Then we went on "Ok, I have to tell you about the Gestational Diabetes Test" I said "no thanks" She's like "No risks, you're eating well, I wouldn't blame you, it's a crappy test anyway, sign this form to let the powers that be know you're refusing the test"

It was pretty easy lol. My hemoglobin is through the roof! So it leaves plenty of room for a possible decline and still be in the safe homebirth range.

Oh yeah, Having a BOY as ya'll know. (had the ultrasound on was kinda OBVIOUS that the boy bits were there)

Measuring at 24.5 cms and am adequately nourished (read gaining 'enough' weight)

Blood pressure is like 122/70

I'm doing good.

Baby's heartrate is in the 150's if I recall correctly.

So there ya have it. Totally boring stats

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Boring is good! It all just means things are progressing as they should.

My doc didn't argue with me about not having the diagnostic bloodwork done either because my baby's not at high risk for birth defects: under 35, no family history, etc. I just figured it wasn't worth the possible heartache of a false positive result. My doctor grinned and agreed whole-heartedly. So nice when that happens!!

Anyway, sorry to ramble, but it sounds like you're doing great!
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