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25 week belly pics

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I am looking absolutely huge! But I love it
. My DH took them with our little web cam.

Belly Pic 1

Belly Pic 2

Belly Pic 3
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Oh yeah, everyone is telling me I look 9 months pregnant. I do look pretty huge already, what do you gals thing?

I feel huge too. Today MIL was like, "You're only 6mo??? You look full term!" lol

Here's my 24wk pic:
You've got a beautiful belly yourself
. I love pregnant bellies.
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I have the opposite problem...nobody believes me that I'm 6 months along, even though they've known forever that the due date is early October. It frustrates me. The other day for the FIRST TIME (I was so excited) at Tim Hortons the cashier looked at me and was like "wow, babies all around!" (we were with my sister in law who is like 35 weeks now...I smiled.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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