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25 weeks pregnant - pain when nursing? (x-posted)

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DD, now 29 months, is still nursing (though dramatically cut down since perhaps 20 weeks - she still nurses 2, 3, 4x per day, 1x night, 30seconds - 3 minute sessions), I am 25 weeks pregnant.

Suddenly today, my breasts HURT. I thought at first it was because she hadn't nursed all day, that maybe I was having some engorgement issues(?), though frankly, I don't think there's much, if ANYTHING left in either breast (DD insists there is, but I can't even hand express a drop), but after she nursed both sides, they still ached - like bruised aching. More on one side than the other.

What's strange is that during naptime nursing session I felt what was almost like a let down sensation. Strange because I haven't felt a let down in perhaps a year.

Is it possible that colostrum is coming in, and that would cause pain? I did try hand expressing right after nursing, and didn't get anything - just hurt.

The pain isn't really pinpointed, my breasts aren't warmer to the touch than usual, don't look unusual.

I've never had so much as a chapped nipple, and bf has always been relatively easy & pain free. Aside from irritation/slight pain on initial latch since I've been pregnant, which goes away quickly, I've had no experience with pain while nursing. I'm at a loss, and concerned.

Can someone shed some light?
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Did you post in ebf? I had to stop nursing about 16wks I think due to soreness as well. But ds was only nursing 1x a day. From what I've learned you'r milk starts to change over about 4m or so to colustrum so that's what could be going on along with supply drop. I'd say either stick through the pain? until your supply starts to rebuild or try to wean until baby is born. DD may stop nursing or not make a big deal of it at all. I couldn't imagine nursing right now, knowing that every day it was getting more painful. When the baby is born, we'll see if he wants to try again or not.
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