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26 mo throwing food

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I feel like I'm here with a new problem every day. TIA for being patient with me. We've been having a tough time lately.

Ds is back to throwing food. Virtually every single food item we give him. Even the "treats" he asks for (lollies, smarties). I'll sit down right beside him, and before I can grab his arm, his food is on the floor. I've tried not saying anything, saying "food stays on the table or goes in mouth," and "if you throw your food on the floor, we will be all done." So he did not eat any breakfast this morning. I have had it with cleaning up every single time and trying to reason with him.

I know this is partially an impulse control thing. I can handle it occasionally. But something is motivating him to do this. Any ideas? Should I be hand-feeding him everything? When I do that, he'll say "I do it" and cry. Are there ways I could be handling this better? We're pretty much non-coercive, but I am not capable personally of allowing him to repeatedly dump out his food and just give him more.

He's doing something similar with our dog. Throwing things at her. I really don't think this is impulse control, since when he's "in the mood", he'll do it repeatedly after much explaining on our part that he is hurting/scaring her. After he throws something at her, and we talk to him, he'll say "Georgia so cute, Georgia so nice." and hug her. But he also says, "that's funny" or "that's silly" when we tell him how he's hurting her (or one of us.)

He also has ample opportunity for throwing other things. He has plenty of safe things that he can throw, in the house and out.

Thanks mamas.
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Do you thing it may have to do with your new addition? Are there things you once did with him that you have had to stop? I am NOT simply trying to state the obvious but I am trying to help you with a solution. Do you have a place or time when He CAN throw things? Is it nice outside could you give him throwable food outside and let him do it in an environment where it isn't difficult to clean? Like a highchair with a tarp or something under it where if he's outside all you have to do it spray the tarp off or throw it ALL into a garbage bag?
Dd has been dropping a lot of her food lately too, on purpose. I'm trying to give her smaller amounts so less ends up on the floor. And then let her get down for awhile before giving her more. Not sure what else to do . . . maybe somebody else will have more ideas for us?
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