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28 month old and facial tics

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My pedi just told me that my son has a tic. He has been blinking weird for a week now (off and on) and I knew something was not right.

I have a slight tic (most people don't notice). It was weird when I was telling my inlaws (FIL is a pedi as well, so he can get access to a lot of info for me) about it and mentioned my tic, my MIL said she never noticed. I thought that odd. But anyway.....

My husband is out of town and I am scared. Scared for my son. And upset. Wondering if I could have done something to prevent it. Wishing it would stop. Somewhat embarrassed (although I don't know why). And crying. And wanting to just hold my son and hope this is the worst of anything.

We have an appointment to see a neurologist in March (03/02). It seems so far away. We are traveling next week (2 weeks alone after moving cross county 5 months ago, and into a new house 1.5 months ago was too much for me). We are going to a friend's who has horses and I love her to death (my son met when he was 2 months old). It was the place I went to when my grandfather died and felt at ease. I know it is a good place to go now.

I am sad, but am prepared to fight. What do I need to do now?

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I don't have any medical advice to offer, I don't know what it could be but I know moving and being alone by themselves are overwhelming, and this feels so scary. I know finding out what was going on with my DS was emotional as well.

Prayers that it's nothing serious, and let us know what you find out.
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Thank you

I have a friend that is a homeopath and she and I Skyped today so she could help me determine a constitutional remedy for my son. She said she will get back to me by tomorrow.

DS is not extremely verbal, but he asked me yesterday, "mommy crying?" This was several hours later. I told him "Yes, Mommy crying. Was Mommy crying because she was sad?" He said, "Yes." I asked him if giving Mommy a hug made her feel better and he said yes. Then he reached out, gave me a big hug and said "Lub you" (love you). It was so sweet. I have to try and stop talking about it around him or in front of him. Or start using code words.

He was MUCH better today. I will see how the next few days goes since we are traveling on Saturday (my first time with him alone on an airplane).

I have to be easy on myself. But I just don't want him to have to deal with any of this (and I know what it could be because I have a slight tic myself). It breaks my heart.

I just hope this is transient. Deep down though, I think I know it really isn't but will be something that will probably work out (kinda like mine - not many people know it is a tic).

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It's okay to cry, allow yourself to grieve, allow yourself to be scared, allow yourself to process the emotions or you'll never get through them!

How sweet that your son was worried about you! He sounds like a gentle soul. And I'm so glad that you have a friend who can help you through this, and someplace to go that is calming/relaxing/peaceful to you.
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You know? You are not the first person to say that he must have a "gentle soul". I really think he does, his father is very similar!

Today was much better for me. I am starting to take notice of when and what is going on when they start. My friend is sending the remedy to me so DS can take it while we are on our trip.

DH took some time off to go the neuro appointment with me when we get back. Hopefully, we will have more answers.

I did talk to my neighbor tonight (he is a med student doing a neuro rotation). He was much more calming than my inlaws and did give me a little more info than I had before.

Off to bed before our big trip
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