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I'm worried.<br><br>
My DD has always resisted teeth brushing (like most I think!). Regardless I've done my best to give them a very thorough brushing at bed time, and a decent brushing in the morning. She still nurses a little bit during the night and although there seems to be good news out there about breastmilk and cavities, I don't want to take a chance. I was hoping that she would inherit both DH and my strong teeth (he's never had a cavity regardless of less than stellar oral hygiene - I haven't had a cavity since my early teens).<br><br>
Anyway, last night she was being uncooperative, so I had her lie down on the bed to brush her teeth and got a better look than I have in a while. Both top baby molars aren't white. They both seem to have some grey-brown staining on them - on the outside, not in the groove.<br><br>
Is this necessarily decay? She did eat a chocolate-chip cookie last night, but it's both top molars and still there this morning. She hasn't shown any sign of mouth pain, and with the amount of staining, if it was decay, wouldn't it hurt? Could it be something else?<br><br>
I'm in the process of making a dentist appointment (she hasn't been yet which is stupid in retrospect but time has flown by) - but hoping someone might have some suggestions...<br><br>
She very rarely drinks juice, but does like flavoured soy, which I guess has sugar... and we are on well water and fluoride isn't a concern.<br><br>
Many thanks...
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