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2nd birthday ideas?

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My dd will be 2 on April 14th. last year we had the big shindig with all of her aunts and uncles, grandparents, whatever... but it was so expensive for us and a lot of work; I am pregnant, due 11/17, and so tired that I dont' have the energy to host another one. Any suggestions on other ways to celebrate that won't break the bank? A good place to take a toddler for their birthday dinner? (nowhere! lol)

Thanks for the suggestions!
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Originally Posted by amm0406
Any suggestions on other ways to celebrate that won't break the bank? A good place to take a toddler for their birthday dinner? (nowhere! lol)

Thanks for the suggestions!
Do you have a park near you? We just went to a 1st b-day party last week at a park. The parents brought cake / pretzels / veggie sticks / drinks and it was a nice little (cheap and easy to clean up) party
I second the park idea. That's what we did when my dd turned 2. All the kids had a blast just playing, so we didn't have to plan any games. We just did picnic food. We also did face painting just to add something else fun to it.
We had a huge party for ds 1st birthday as well. Our relatives live no where near us, so we basically invited our whole church community. I wanted to make a big deal about his 1st birthday, because it was his first! Ds is turning 2 on 04/28. My plan so far is to make a birthday cake (a train....I got the idea from the Kraft website). We are going to invite a friend over that I used to babysit in the winter...ds and her were really starting to enjoy each other's company. That is about it. Just a neat cake and some playing. It is too cold still here to spend much time outside, and we usually get a big dump of snow around the end of April, beginning of May. It's not a great idea, but it is what we are going to do. I am also going to decorate with balloons, maybe streamers, and hang some ribbon from ds bedroom doorway so he can walk through them during his birthday week.
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I had just given birth when my son turned two... so we went for a small, family only party. I made the whole day about my son, though.

Early in the day, we went and bought a Blue's Clues balloon at a store (he loves Blues Clues)

For lunch, we went on a picnic at the park. (And lots of time on the slide, etc.... a nice, new ball from the 99 cents/dollar store might be a good gift

And then after dinner, we had a Blues Clues Carvel Cake for dessert. His favorite part was blowing out the candle.... must have done it three or four times.

No guests... just our little family and the baby. Don't think he felt at all deprived.
For gifts, he got a Travel Aquadoodle, some wooden blocks, and a Sit-n-Spin... all are still very much used/loved. We also bought him some bathtub crayons (which can be homemade as well)... for a special bday bath.

I've seen lots of Moms do the park thing... and we might do that for #3.

As for restaurants that are kid friendly, we've had the most success with chains like Denny's, Applebees, etc. But, there is a little french bistro that we've taken DS to since he was a few weeks old, where he's welcome as well.

Other things to consider...
children's museum...
swimming pool...
beach (depending on where you live)..

My son also really loves his gymnastics class (especially the trampoline pit!) Might want to take your son for a free trial class to a gymboree, little gym, etc. type program for a new fun experience on his bday.

Bubbles are always popular in our house....

Also, consider doing foot prints/hand prints with finger paint as a craft activity. Great for the baby book and cheap
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