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2nd c-section or induction?

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does anyone have statistics on the safety of induction verses planned 2nd c-section for a postdates pregnancy?

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Is there an option #3???? Repeat C's have risks, inductions have risks for those who have had 1 C... I'd pick castor oil/breast pump/sex/a drive on some bumpy roads.
the client that I am seeking info for went 42+ weeks first time and was induced (as a cold start) for low-fluid.

she is now at 41 weeks of this pregnancy and is again doing all natural methods of labor induction...

Simply she has a 99% chance of NOT having a uterine rupture and a 60-75% chance of having a VBAC. vs. the common risks of elective surgery..including death which is 5-7 times higher with a surgical birth.

Check out CIMS website.

Would mom be open to acupuncture....if so..get her there everyday!

she is already doing acupuncture. and lots of other stuff too, including herbs and nipple stimulation. She did all this the first time around too.

From what I am reading if she is induced, her chance of uterine rupture goes up and her chance of a VBAC goes down. The statistics that you are quoting are for someone that goes into labor naturally/on her own.

I will check out the CIMS website. Thanks for the recommendation.

wanted to add that I appreciate the info, I am not trying to be "difficult" or "snippy".

I was hoping to find a study or statistics that would help her decided on the best route for her.

The info I sent was based on women who went into labor vs. induced. However, ANYBODY VBAC or not walking in the door has a 50% INCREASED chance of a c-birth when induced.

What was her first labor like? How long, how dilated....

Also, induction does increase rupture rates, cytotec being far more horrendous then my opinion for several reasons.

What herbs is she taking? Has she been to the chiropractor?

Has she tried castor oil?

Have you done emotional work with her, what are her fears?

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I am going to PM you Mary, I feel uncomfortable putting so much info on a public forum.

If I were in that situation, I'd carefully monitor the baby everyday and then not do anything until I got to 43 weeks. Of course you'd have to have a great provider that's not full of fear.
that's part of the problem. The CNMs that she is working are super good and VBAC friendly. BUT, they are only "allowed" to go to 42 weeks via hospital rules.

Homebirth is not an option to this mom.

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