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3.5 mo. old w/ 103 fever?

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My son was born 12-21... last night he had a 100-101 degree fever so I didn't worry much, he is obviously teething (gum is bulging) so I figured 101 was ok. But now it is 103.8 (rectal), and I'm worried. He's EBF and is nursing fine with no symptoms besides being a bit fussy and burning up. No one else in our family is sick at all.
The doctor said to give tylenol since it's so high and he's so little, so my partner is at the store right now. Normally I don't medicate fevers, but he's not even 4 mos. old! I am also going to give him a lukewarm bath. The dr. said to take him to the ER if it doesn't go down when we give him tylenol.
Help! Advice! I'm so freaked out here!
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My first instinct is to take him to the ER but that's my "oh my God, he's so little and that's a high fever" paranoia.....I hope he feels better soon ....
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I would at least definately call your ped. *tonight*. A fever in a child that young can indicate something big going on. If you can't reach your doctor, I would seriously consider the ER.

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