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3.5 Year Old Fighting Bedtime

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My daughter has never been much of a sleeper, and has always fought bedtime, and now that she's been able to hone her verbal and manipulative skills, I've been having a lot of trouble with her. We read several books with dimmed lights, then I nurse her to sleep. And now, every night, she'll nurse for a few minutes, then have to go to the bathroom. Then we'll come back and she'll nurse for a few more minutes. Then she'll be hungry. Then nurse. Then she has to use the bathroom again. Then she's hungry again. She does eat/seem hungry during these late night snacks, but we already eat a late-ish dinner anyway, and I've been trying to get extra food in her before bedtime so this doesn't happen, but it doesn't seem to matter. And I already have her use the bathroom before bed, although, in her defense, she does go maybe 2/3 of the times she gets up after bedtime to go. I've been giving in to her eating and using the bathroom because she flips out if I try to dissuade her, but this is getting ridiculous. Tonight bedtime took 2 hours. Help?!
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Have you tried putting on a CD with music or a story in her bedroom at bedtime? She may fall asleep just listening to it.
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