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DD is 3.5. Up until just over 3 yo, she was regularly nursing 1-2x/day, usually just to go to sleep, sometimes one additional time. I have been battling yeast for nearly 6 months (ugh). When it got to the worst it's been (open, bleeding gashes) I told DD that the nursies were sick and needed to rest a bit. She was fine w/that. I even stopped nursing DS (now 1.5) for several days & just pumped. Since then the yeast has been mostly under control, but I'm now experiencing a flare-up.<br><br>
When it was "in remission" I let DD, at her request, nurse a bit before bed. And I couldn't. stand. it. Made me cringe. Hated it. I felt so, so bad. But truly, I really, really don't want her nursing anymore.<br><br>
So, I'm now experiencing a bit of a recurrence of the yeast/thrush. I'm treating the nipples & DS. I told DD that the nursies are sick again, so she needs to let them rest. She's fine w/that, but does ask if they're better, call them "her" nursies, etc..<br><br>
I just don't want her to nurse anymore. Really. I loved it, for more than 3 years, but feel done. Any thoughts on gently ending nursing w/a child this age?
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