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3.5yo playing a "new" version of peekaboo....

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Well this is weird to say for me, but ds is all about playing w his penis lately! He's circ'ed and has figured out how to play peekaboo w/ it!! It's hilarious!!! But I really try to restrain myself and be unbiased about it all. Sometimes I say, James, lets leave your penis alone" in a non-thretening way. He usually ignores me, but anyway, I just wonder how other moms of boys deal w/ this! It's really funny and odd and normal, I'm just not comfortable w/ it yet, yk?! Should I ask that he does it in private? He loves to be naked most of the time. Oh, boys!!
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Not an advice, just letting you know that my DS went through it too.

You are right - the hardest part was dealing with myself and my own imbedded perception

So, I did not deal with him on that matter, just with myself. It stopped in a few month, then started for a brief period again, then he probably figured out the way to do it in private.

Not going to say he will "grow out" of it tho, my DH still hasn't :LOL
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I think this could pertain to girls dd1 just got interested in showing everyone that she has a yoni. Since we're having to re-potty train (regression since new baby) she spends a lot of time in just a dress and no panties and tends to start playing with it and then says "hey so and so look at my yoni!" We just had to teach her that it's ok to play with it. It's just better to do it alone in your room. And not everyone wants to see your vagina." And she far as I know.
Sorry to be OT and/or clueless, but where did you come up w/the term "yoni"?? We are part Hungarian and we've always called it a "punda" (sounds like poon-da) :LOL ...I feel silly typing this!
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