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3 BABYCARRIERS (MT, ONBU, POD) + New Stroller & New Swing.

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Hi all

I really want to get rid of this stuff as im aquiring too many carriers and am trying to get the stuff I like and use more. I am willing to trade for a Freehand or Sachi Onbu (pref. dark straps) OR a Mango Baby Mei Tai.

First the Baby Carriers...price includes postage (USA-intl is extra)

Nestlings Mei Tai-$43.00

Got in a trade. This is EUC, very little wear. Gender neutral, this is a *very* comfy carrier, super long straps...softest twill straps in the world! Nothing wrong w/ it, ...just would like to try other carriers! Need the $$$.

width-14.5 in

Lower- 34in
Upper- 70in

here r some action pics.

front Carry:

Back Carry:


Hokkyoku Shirokumado brand Onbuhimo $23.00 (PP)

Denim carps, EUC, denim is quite soft and alittle bit of pilling at the very bottom where it rubbed against my iffy about getting rid of it as it was my first carrier but i am planning on getting more of these Onbu's from HS soon...and I wanna spread the Onbu luv.

Can wear lower straps under or over childs legs, under legs is my new personal fave.

pic from site:

Here is an action pic.

Back Carry:

Another back carry:


DIY Narrow pod - $35.00

Fully reversable, sage and turquoise linen blend. worn 3 times for short new.

The Body
-Body width-17inches
-Body length (includes padded strap at the top)-20inches
Its 2 layers of linen blend material so its quite substantial without being hot.
The Straps
-width- 3 1/2inches
-length- 70inches

Action pics

(this one pic didnt come out well...)

another back pic.


Stroller & Baby Swing-BOTH ARE NEW AND NEVER USED!!!


A BRAND NEW-NEVER USED Graco "Family Tree" Stroller.
Was bought at Target for 79.99. Its been folded under the bed since we got it...its has NEVER been used, my son who is 5 months hasnt even sat in it. We have no need for it since my husband or I carry our on on our backs everywhere we go and since we live in a Tiny Apt...this hasta go...we dont forsee needing it.

I'm open to resonable offers

2) Cosco brand "Beginnings Gentle Motion Swing".
Also got this, STILL in its original box. Dont forsee needing it. Kmart retails them for $39.99

Open to resonable offers!
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Morning Bump

Im on TheBabyWearer under this ID and have a good sellers rep.
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