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3 child family

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We are a 2 child family, but I would like more...hubby might agree to one more..but he's of the belief, based on his experience, that 3 child families aren't as close...that two are always against one. I am from a 2 kid family and we are extremly close. To my mind though it seems it's based on the family and the personality of the kids. You don't know what your child's personality will be when they are born. His family also moved alot so I think that might have affected them too (moved 14 times!). He says it (moving alot) had no affect...(me..ROFL..right!). So what is y'alls experience with 3 child families? Hubby says 4 are better..but her sure doesn't want to go there
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We have a 3 child family and we homeschool. My kids are VERY close. My first 2 are even a full 5 1/2 years apart but they are close because they have spent their lives together. I totally credit that to the homeschooling because my oldest would have gone to K the year the 2nd was born. They would not have the same bond.

...but I think 4 is even better.....we have a bun in the oven right now
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My 3 are very close and I agree....4 is better! We just had #4 in January. I enjoyed our 3rd soooo much and the 4th truly is even better! My vote is to go for it!

I'm from a 3 kid family and dh is from a four kid family. I don't notice a difference. Of course there's the 2 on 1. but it's the same if you have more boys than girs, etc.
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I am from a 5 kid family and I'm closer to some siblings than others. Honestly I think it depends on the personalities of the kids, the age differences and also the way they are treated growing up (such as no favoritism, etc.).
It totally depends on the personalities of the kids, and the age differences, etc.

I was an only child for 6 years.
Then my LOOOONG awaited siter was born. Mom and Dad had been wanting more kids for years. Naturally they were beyond ecstatic to have another. Naturally this in addition to the adjustment of not being the only child anymore made this difficult for me as a 6yo. My second sister was born 18 months later (talk about a surprise! the doctors had told my parents they would never have ANY more kids and I was a miracle...) when I was 7.
Due to the age differences we had almost nothing in common, and I didn't get along that great with my sisters. They got along FABULOUS with each other though.

My baby brother was born when I was 15, and I got married when he was 5. Now he's a teenager and of course he doesn't really have any interest in much I have to say. From the time I was 7 until the time I was 15 we were a 3 child family, so that was a large part of my growing up years.

Anyways, due to personality differences, I don't have a lot in common with my first sister, though we get along a LOT better than we did when she was 5 LOL!

My second sister and I get along really well, but we have more in common. She had her first baby at home, she wears slings, doesn't vaccinate, and so we have those in common too.

I do not believe there is anything inherent in a 3 child family that makes it "better" or "worse" than 2 children or 4 children. Of course I have five children living with me so obviously I like the big family deal LOL!
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