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3 months too young for the jumperoo?

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my DS is a solid 16 lb, 25.5 inch 3 month old and has good head control (except when he gets tired-- it starts to bob a bit). I don't mean to rush it, but I know it's only good to 25 lbs and I don't want to miss the window esp. since he LOVES to stand (hardly ever sits down....even for the bath I have to coax him to sit in it! and it's NOT too hot)

I have seen babies in there from just before 3 months (never heard of it before then) and on up.......*IF* you are not against them, what are your opinions on when it's okay to start them in there (for very brief periods of course). Is there a general rule?

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Personally, I wouldn't put a 3 month old in a jumperoo. I probably first tried my kids in one at 6 months and even then they didn't really enjoy it and utilize it properly until closer to 8 months. Every child is different, though, I realize.

I would think there is plenty of time before he will reach the 25lb limit. My 16 mo is barely at that point now, their weight tends to plateau around 9 months or so.
I had a jumperoo that I think DS started in at 4 months. He loved it for short spurts when I needed a place to put him down. I am personally not at all against these things for short term fun safe havens. I used an exersaucer from 3-9 months so I could take a shower every day and the jumperoo so I could throw laundry in every few days.

I wouldn't rush putting him in it though...3 months does seem young. My son was the same size at that age and he didn't hit 25 lbs until he was 15 months old.
We got a jumperoo for DD when she was 3 mos and 1 week. Prior to getting it, we would stand her on our laps and she would jump jump jump! We took her to Target and set her in it, and she had an absolute ball, and keep in mind it was 8:30pm, just about her bedtime, and she was really tired! We bought it and she's been ***loving*** it ever since! She laughs, she bangs on it, and jumps as high and as hard as she can.
She is a VERY active baby though, and she had good head control from early on; she's also VERY tall for her age (still off the charts, actually) so I guess it just depends on your child. We don't leave her in it for long because we don't want her to get sick of it, so maybe 10 minutes at a time, no more than twice a day.

I say if you think DC will enjoy it, go for it! We've loved every minute with ours!
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My son's been it for a while now...he's 4mos. I want to say he was in it at 2mos. but that seems pretty early!? Anywhoo, the hubby suggested it, i said he was way too young, but he gave it a try to see what would happen and he LOVED it!! We have a Graco one with a tray, not the harness kind so we had to fill all the extra space with a blanket.
Olivia has been in her Jumperoo since 5 months. She loves it! At first we put her in it for just a few minutes and got her used to it. I would use your judgement.
We've been using ours since about 4 months. DD loves it! 3 months could be OK to start it if dc has good head/neck control, but I wouldn't go much younger than that.
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