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All Brand new in the original wrapper, $10 each<br><br>
Nickelback "The Long Road"<br>
Maroon 5 "Songs About Jane"<br>
Velvet Revolver "Contraband"<br><br>
$5 each<br><br>
Monty Python and the Holy Grail, good condition in original cardboard package<br>
Matrix, good condition in original cardboard package<br>
The Nightmare Before Christmas, great condition in plastic hardcover<br><br>
"Having a Baby Naturally" Peggy O'Mara in giftable condition<br><br><i>Books: Sears books in excellent condition please!</i><br>
The Birth Book: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Safe and Satisfying Birth by William, Md. Sears, Martha, R.N. Sears new cover style<br>
The Breastfeeding Book by William, Md. Sears, Martha, R.N. Sears, new cover style<br>
VBAC books<br>
Homebirth books<br>
Giftable breastfeeding books<br>
Books on Circ esp Fleiss<br><br><br>
Nursing maternity shirts in xl (maternity shirt with nursing openings)<b><br>
Amelia's organic cotton socks, or any other thick cotton or wool socks<br>
in white, neutral colors (taupe, cream, etc)</b><br>
Burt's tinted moisturizer in medium<br>
Burt's Orange Face scrub<br><br><br>
wool or merino yarn - soft for crocheting/knitting soakers - natural colors prefered so I can dye it<br>
cotton yarn<br>
Kooler's encyclopedia of Crochet and Encyclopedia of Knitting<br><br><br>
dd: almost 2<br>
long sleeve cotton play dresses in 3t, EC please, solid colors or stripes or other simple/small designs<br>
Robeez shoes in 18-24, I like the orca and octopus especially but almost any will do, please pm me<br><i>Gift certificates to Old Navy, Gap, Children's Place</i><br>
Wooden toys (like the tool box with screws and nails)<br>
Diaper Potion Lotion<br><b>Feverall suppositories 120mg box can be opened but obviously not individual suppositories</b><br>
Bear in the Big Blue House DVDs, especially the one with the potty episode<br><br><br>
For next baby- very good condition (no stains, no holes, good snaps and elastic) on these items please<br>
FB in XS and small gender neutral (especially pastels!)<br>
medium WAHM covers in gn<br>
medium WAHM AIOs GN<br>
1 dozen infant pfs- especially dyed or painted<br><br>
***PUL*** colors<br>
Light Windpro fabrics or wool jersey/flannel<br>
velour and sherpa!!!!!!!! (cotton only please)<br>
Serger thread esp wooly nylon in purple or blue verigated<br>
Celtic themed fabric<br>
Asian fabrics (geishas, kanji, brocade etc)<br><b>microfleece in white</b> or solid colors to go with red, navy, and aqua pul<br><br><br>
natural elements to be used in decor like nuts, acorns, dried flowers, etc<br>
thin plastic cutting boards that can be rolled up<br>
silicone bakeware, anything but the cupcake pans<br>
Lavendar EO<br>
Lemon EO<br>
Healthy snacks for dd, crackers, low sugar cookies, etc ORGANIC only please<br>
Organic decaf coffee, plain or flavored<br>
Organic chocolate (or that Frazer kind from Finland, yum)<br>
organic/natural shampoo for 2 yo dd<br>
Tom's cinnamint toothpaste<br><b>Ethnic home decor think Pier 1</b><br>
100% cotton bed sheets, queen, solid colors, no stains or holes please<br>
trail mix- esp w/ cashews, raisins, and dehydrated strawberries (or just dehydrated strawberries!)<br>
larger tyvek envelopes, the size right above 8.5 x 11<br>
Big Train chai mix<br><br><br>
For DH-<br><br>
Rechargable Power X batteries size AA<br>
Mario Kart Double Dash for Gamecube<br>
Brown dress belt to fit 38-40 waist
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