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My son has been vomiting everyday for 7 days now. We were all sick with a stomach virus this week but my husband and I only vomited for one day and recovered. We took him to the pediatrician twice this past week who said it is a stomach virus and he is just taking a longer time to get over it. I know a stomach virus can last 1-10 days but I am really concerned about my son.<br><br>
He has been vomiting 1-2 times a day and having diarrhea since last Sunday. He doesn't have a fever, is still eating and drinking and is acting normal. He doesn't complain of any pain except right after he vomits. He says his throat and stomach hurt but only for maybe 15 minutes after. Most of the time he has vomited at night. He is also congested, so I don't know if that is triggering him while he is sleeping. He has the humidifier in his room. But since he is also having diarrhea, I don't think it is just a post-nasal drip induced vomiting.<br><br>
Sunday 3:30 am and 10:30 am<br>
Monday 11:30 pm<br>
Tuesday 10 am<br>
Wednesday 3 am<br>
Thursday 4:30 am<br>
Friday 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm<br>
Saturday 10:30 pm<br><br>
The pediatrician gave him probiotic pills. He has been eating yogurt and staying away from other dairy products.<br><br>
Any suggestions?
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