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3 year old with possible sinus infection

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My 3 year old DS was sick a few weeks ago, and ended up with a sinus infection. He was prescribed antibiotics and improved after completing them. This week he's started having a runny nose with thick greenish snot again.
I really don't want to have him take antibiotics again (kind of regretting the first course actually). Does anyone have any suggestions? We tried a neti pot...did NOT go over well.
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I just started using this with my 2 year great and easy to use. I bought mine at Walgreens. It def helps with the congestion.

I consider myself an expert in sinus infections as I used to get chronic ones and took WAYYYY more abx than I can even bear to think about in my time. Once I became interested in natural medicine and educated myself, I learned that MOST sinus infections do not require abx. I haven't used abx for a sinus infection since college. I also use a bit of homeopathy for sinus issues in myself and my son. I would def steer clear of more abx! Good luck
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