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Phew! My three year old has suddenly developed bad gas. This has been going on for the past four days. And it stinks! Poor thing - she constantly smells like it. Just today she has started complaining that her tummy hurts, although she still has her appetite.

What can I do to help alleviate this? She hasn't eaten anything recently that is different from her normal food items. There is a tummy bug going around her school and I gave her a glass of kefir the other day - could that be causing it? Or the tummy bug itself? Or something else?

How can I make it better? Even when she seems to be feeling ok, the smell is so noticeable I wondered if her preschool teachers would be ok with her being in school.

... guess I should add that this morning she also had really runny stools (sorry TMI). But nothing since then. Poor sweet pea.
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