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32 and 3/7

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So I had my 32 week visit and the midwife who I love is leaving May 15th(Im due May 30). UGG. I am so sad about this.

Everything else is good. I am measuring 34cm. I feel ok. I have Sciatica, but I did last time too.

The only thing is that my babe is ROP now. This is how my DS som was and stayed that way, untill delivery......then he delivered ROT after 3hrs and 45min of pushing. So I dont really want that to happen again. I have been reading the spinning babies website, and I plan on scrubbing every floor on my hands and knees next week. Any othe suggestions? Does a Chiropracter hurt? What exactly is the Webster technique??

Sorry so many questions.

Here is pic of my HUGE TUM
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Hi Vicky! It's nice to have some other people who are due in the *end* of May (I'm 32 weeks and 5 days)!

Sorry to hear that your MW is leaving... that's really sad! You just found out, then? You could ask her where she's going and if she could still do your birth...

I've been going to a chiropractor and it usually doesn't hurt. Every once in a while she does some muscle work that is somewhat painful, but it also feels like a "good" hurt if you KWIM? I think it's been helpful for my back and front pain, so I'm glad I've been going. My chiro does the Webster technique, but I'm not sure what it actually is, my babe seems to be in a pretty good position so far, head diagonally down consistently. Scrubbing the floor or doing pelvic tilts on your hands & knees sounds like a good idea, also doing some visual imagery, maybe talk to the baby about how you want him/her positioned? I've heard of people "showing" the baby how to rotate in a swimming pool, thought that was kind of cool. Good luck!
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Thanks! I dont knoww why I am fearful of chiro pain. Childbirth pain I am not fearfull of! My midwife is going back to school...Law school! So she stops doing births on the 15th and is moving!.. I am stilll in shock. There are 2 othe MW in tha group. Only one other I want to do the bith tho. UGG. I need to stay positive tho, everything works out, RIGHT?
Hmm... do you mean by ROP that baby is posterior? A visit to the chiro is a great idea, if nothing else it will help with your sciatica.
Sorry to hear you're losing your favorite midwife, IL isn't too friendly to mw these days unfortunately!
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I would second the chiro visit. I had never been to one in my life I was worried about all the bone cracking. My dad's (whom he loves) was a quite the forceful cracker. However my babe doesn't like to stay head down and I've had a lot of pain in my hips and back so I caved and went (not to my dad's) to a guy who is pretty gentle. I asked alot of questions beforehand and let him know my paranioa. It has helped alot with the pain and although my babe still likes to turn sideways/breech a bit I have noticed the last 2 times she turned head down the evening after an adjustment. So I will be doing it weekly until the end.
Cute belly btw!
Glad to hear things went well at your appointment Vicki.
I'm sorry your MW is having to leave
and the babe is being stubborn in there
. I hope you can get the sciatica to behave. And I 2nd Anakna4's cute belly comment!
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By the way, you can find a Webster-certified chiro on the ICPA website:

Definitely a good idea to go to a chiro who has experience with pregnancy.
Thanks ladies. I have not had time to check back, I work all weekend, night shift so I am either at work or asleep. i am going to look for a a chiro, i am nervous about pain! HEHE. Thanks for all the suggestions
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