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32 week appointment

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and all is well. My bp is normal (knew it would be!) so doc said to just keep doing what I've been doing. My cervix shortened a bit, but not much and no funelling, contactions or "unusual uterine activity" so he isn't worried about that. Also, the babes are all around 4 pounds.

DH asked about the chances of me being on hospitalized bedrest and the doc went on about how bad that would be for me because with all the nurses needing something to do, they would be observing me really closely and likely finding small things to worry about. THe we would have to deal with unneccesary intervention and probably an early delivery. So unless there is (G-d forbid) some sort of drastic, horrible change, no hospital (I'm not sure why dh is worried about this as it wa sonly brought up once as a slim possibility and last resort if my bp didn't behave.)

OB also has no idea if May 2nd will be it or if I'll be able to go longer. He did have 2 triplets pregnancies before me that went to 37 weeks, so I know that if we're all good, I can get that far. That would put me at the week starting May 12.
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That sounds great! Wonderful news about your BP and I really like the way your doctor is thinking! Hope the girls manage to hang in there for a bit longer, I just can't imagine how your body must feel right now, with 12 or so pounds of baby in there and still time to go! You seem to have a great attitude, though - I'm inspired!
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I'm glad everything's looking good Miriam!
Definitely cool how the doc is thinking. You stay in there babies! I agree with L'lee, you're very inspiring!
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Thank you, ladies! I don't feel inspiring because I'm just chugging along doing what I need to do, ya'know? But I appreciate the kind comments.
Really, how can I complain when I'm only carrying 5-6lb of baby and you're carrying twice that! Sounds like you're doing great!
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Boy I admire you! How excited you must be! So glad your appt. was good!

I met a mom at the park who was HUGE HUGE HUGE so I asked her when she was due, and she said she was only 6 months. So I said, Are you having twins? TRIPLETS! And not only that - they aren't hers! She is carrying them for her sister and brother in law. What a saint!

I can only imagine how uncomfortable you must be!
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