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32 week appt today

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I had my 32 week appt. today, and well, everything looks great!
My cervix is the longest its been since this funneling started which is just such good news!!
And other great news is that she is head down now, which is a change from last time when she suddenly was breech.
She is measuring 5 lbs. I know she is, as I have really been feeding myself beyond well right when I got put on bedrest. I really made an effort to eat better than ever, and I have already gained the same amount of weight as I did my whole last I really feel her-heavy-very different from last pregnancy. DD was 7lbs4oz, and I just know this baby is bigger.
so thats that!
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Congrats!!! Its such great news!
Hooray! Glad to hear the good news.
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That's awesome ILMS, so glad to hear the great news!
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thanks everyone!
Glad to hear that all is still well! Hang in there for a few more weeks little baby!
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