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Thought I'd toss my new pics and an update on the hospital/bp/fluid situation all in one post.

Summary: I spent most of last week in the hospital because my blood pressure was high and amniotic fluid was very low. I got to come home on bedrest and bp meds because a repeat fluid check while I was there showed no real change, and all my labs were clear for pre-e.

So today I went in for another fluid check, and woohoo! It's up! Went from 3.9cm to 5.5. That's still fairly low, but 5 is considered the very bottom of the "normal" range, as I understand it. There actually might be even more than that, but with the way she was wiggling around, they couldn't get great measurements. I know for a fact that there's more than there was though, because suddenly, my belly, which hadn't been growing much at all, "popped" again. My skin feels sooooooo tight, but I'm happy she's doing well in there!

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