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34 1/2 wk update appt!

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Alrighty I am back from my appt and he did the strep test and I guess they
will call if anything comes back.....He cked me and was very surprized at how
low she is he said that I have alot going on for 34 1/2 wks. He said that she
is at 0 station and I am between a finger tip and 1cm.....he said he couldn't
really tell about efacement he didn't want to prode around to much yet....he
said she is definatly in position and that he would be very shocked if I go to the middle of May he thinks I will go early and he said to come back in 2 weeks but if I start feeling anything to go ahead and come in 1 week. So anyways that is what is causing all the pressure and pain down there is bc
she has already droped so much. I am excited but then again she has to wait
til after April 29th she just has to bc I am so not ready for her to be here
yet.....But all and all a great appt except we just won't talk about how much
I gained in 2 wks....very ashamed of myself......
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We're getting close, aren't we?
Hang in there a couple more weeks!
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Yes she has to stay put til atleast the last weekend of this month...I have
nothing ready for her to be here and I don't want her to come too early.
Oh I wanted to add that he said my cervix is very low and very easily reached......
Wow! She has to make it to at least May! Good luck and stay put, baby!!! Wait til mama gets your stuff!
Yes she does I have told her she isn't allowed to come out til after that last
week in April......I don't want her to come too early.
Yeah baby, stay put a while longer, plenty o' time to see what's going on out here!
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Well I think I started loosing my plug this morning......I didn't lose it with my ds til the day I was induced and with my dd I started loosing it like 1-2 wks
before my water broke.....I didn't think I would be losing it just yet bc I was
only a finger tip to a cm dialated...but last night I was having contractions
every 3-5 minutes for almost an hour before they finally quit so maybe I
dialated somemore......I really want her to stay put for another 3 wks atleast.
Stay in there baby girl!

It's funny that you posted about your mucous plug because I was just in the bathroom and thought, wow I would freak out if I ever lost a plug because I've always already been dialated 3+ by 36 weeks. I just wouldn't know what to think of a plug.
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