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34 month old has HUGE tantrums b/c he wants to empty his own poopy diaper....

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Okay, how do I handle this one? Here is the background .... My incredibly spirited toddler soon to be 3 in May throw tantrums at the slightest provocation all day long. The last week has been really horrible for us (I'm 25 weeks pg and a bit on edge already). I've been trying to suggest toilet training for at least 6 months. Up until these past days, he has shown absolutely no interest and is completely resistant to any attempts to have him sit on a potty or remove his diaper.

He's started speech therapy and one of his 'flash cards' indicated the steps involved in using the toilet. So, now, in the past few days, whenever he does a poop, he wants to remove his diaper himself and take the poop in his hands and place it in the toilet. DS managed to do this once on his own and the aftermath was a messy, gross disaster (let's just say the walls had to be cleaned). I've tried telling him not to touch the poop, I've tried taking the diaper off himself and showing him how to shake it into the toilet. I've tried getting him to poop on the potty ...

NO! He is violently opposed to any intervention by mom and proceeds to have an incredibly stressful, violent and long breakdown.

I'm really at a loss what to do .... I need a creative suggestion! I don't want to be cleaning poop off the walls, floors and his hands each time he has a bowel movement. And, I've still got nausea at this point in my pregnancy!

Any ideas??? (Sorry if this post is gross!!!
) DS shows almost complete resistant to any intervention from DH and I in any circumstance - so, invariably, the day includes at least one if not more tantrums. But, this latest issue - I just don't want it to continue! Help!!!
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You mention speech therapy.....what type of disorder/delay/issues does your son have? I have only very basic knowledge of these things, but it is my understanding that certain disorders can go together, and maybe his extreme rigidity and desire to handle poop is part of a disorder, like a perceptual/sensory/autistic spectrum type thing? Have you tried posting in the special needs parenting forum?

Sorry...this isn't really my area....but wated to offer hugs!
Thanks for the support.
DS is 'normal' in every aspect including his receptive speech abilities - the only issue is his pronounciation which indicates a 'moderate' speech delay according to the therapist. My husband hid the flash cards for toilet training so maybe that will help!
I re-read my initial post and realize it didn't make quite a lot of sense - DS just started speech therapy for his delay and was given some flash cards (photos of the steps involved in toilet training for instance) and I think these are what have given him the idea to remove and place his own poop in toilet. I am happy he is taking so much initiative but it's really gross!
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