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34 week preemie and questions

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Someone I know just had a baby she claims the dr. said came 6 weeks early on April 9.

There is some doubt as to this baby's paternity.

Both her and her boyfriend swear the first time they dtd was the last weekend in July, the weekend she left her DH.

He was 9lb 3 oz(her other babies wer 10lb7 and 12lb2 so don't be fooled by the birth weight) although I still think that's large for 34 wks.

He has had some blood sugar issues but mom was gd. Baby is fine, no special care nursery, no breathing issues. She was released with baby today after the standard 2 days. She went into spontaneous labour that lasted around 2hours...she had no steroid shots for the baby's lungs.

If the baby were actually born April 9 and not early when would he have been concieved? I get July 3 counting back 38 wks.

Is this baby the boyfriends or the Dh's?

What's your best guess?
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: Is she wondering? If her babies are normally large and she had GD, then a 6 week early 9 lb baby is very possible.
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i had a 35 week preemie who was 5 lbs 12 oz and was told that was a VERY good size, quite large in fact for a 35 weeker.

fetuses usually put on 1/2 lb to 1 lb a week in the last six weeks. your 9 pound 34 weeker was destined to be between 12 and 15 pounds at 40 weeks. not unheard of, i suppose, but also not your everyday baby.

i personally don't believe that a 34-weeker came out at over 9lbs with no breathing problems or any other complications, but that is just me, after knowing what my VERY ROBUST (dr's words not mine) 35-weeker went through, including 8 days in nicu.

my opinion doesn't matter one bit.
she's not wondering...her ex-dh is.

so am I
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well, one quick stick and a few days wait and he can know for sure. i'm sure he can legally demand a paternity test in this case, no? she left him for good and says the babe is his?

Originally Posted by winonamom2be
well, one quick stick and a few days wait and he can know for sure. i'm sure he can legally demand a paternity test in this case, no? she left him for good and says the babe is his?
no she is insisting the baby is the boyfriend's but the story has a lot of holes in it. The thing is the boyfriend left her so she could be hanging on or maybe she's not sure
Well my own 35 weeker had no breathing troubles or any problems related to being early. She did weigh 6lb12oz, but I didn't have GD.

Were here other babies born prematurely?

That's a tough one. I think she's going to have to have a blood test done to figure out paternity. Is she willing?
Sounds fishy to me. You don't need a blood test to do dna/paternity. They do it with a cheek-swab.

I had a 35 weeker and she was able to go home 3 days later (standard for c-sections). She was 4.5 pounds.

I did meet a mom that had diabetes (not GD) and her 35 weeker was almost 9 pounds.

I guess it's possible.
He should ask for a paternity test.
Is she still married? Some states require the husband's name to be put on the birth certificate regardless of paternity!

Interesting story!
Well, I had a 35 weeker and he was 6lbs 7 oz and I had GD. I was told he was huge
He was so tiny to me though. He had no breathing issues or blood sugar issues, so every baby is different, but it sounds like a huge baby for 35 weeks??
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I had a 35 weeker weighing 6 lbs exactly, they monitored him for 24 hours but everything was fine (except for a little jaundice) and we were able to go home after 48 hours like normal. In her case I think only a DNA test will prove it.
My 33 weeker weighed 5 pounds 9 ounces at birth (90th percentile for gestation) She was in NICU for 14 days, but never had breathing issues, just eating and jaundice)
Well my own 35 weeker had no breathing troubles or any problems related to being early. She did weigh 6lb12oz,
Same here except my dd weighed another ounce. She had apgars of 9 and 9, and aside from jaundice was perfectly healthy. Were her other babies born on time? Did she have GD with those pregancies?
If there is doubt, and he thinks that the baby may be his he should get the DNA test.
Just do the DNA test and put everybody's minds at ease. That's what I'd tell her.
I had my daughters around 36/37 weeks and they were 5.6 and 6.6. but I don't know if their smaller size makes a difference because they are twins. Over 9 lbs. sounds a bit high for only 34 weeks, but maybe with her previous history of bigger babies it is totally possible. She should get a DNA test to be totally positive of the father.
If I was the boyfriend and had concerns I might consider paternity testing. especially if down the road the relationship fell apart and I was looking at years of child support payments.
My daughter was born at 34weeks gestation weighing in at a whopping 5lbs 3oz. Her neonatologist told us she was a LARGE size for her gestation. They usually plan on 4 1/2-5lbs for 34weeks. So Sara was huge by 34week standards. Even with GD, you would only expect maybe a 7lber. She was also in the NICU for 11 days even with steroid shots for her lungs. No oxygen other than the initial supplemental but she was NG fed until day 8 because she was not capable of coordinating suck-swallow-breathe and she tired too easily to take full feeds. She also had frequent bouts of apnea. So it is my unprofessional opinion that a 34weeker really doesn't seem likely to weigh in at 9lbs and have no issues needing a short day or two stay in the NICU, even just for observation. This is especially true of a baby born to a GD mom. I think a DNA test is in order.

Thanks for all the replies

The boyfriend is completely in the dark and thinks baby is..oh and for the record he is ex-boyfriend

Mommy says baby is boyfriends..has said so since beginning.

It is ex-dh who is suspicious...and he can't insist on dna since boyfriend is named on birth cert.

We are in decides who to name as father.

We(me and her ex dh) are suspicious because she's insisting he's 6 wks early an d we think that's highly unlikely

But her DH had sex with her up until July 20 last year. So if this baby were even only 4 wks early it could be his.
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Wow. They should do testing if she was having sex with both of them so close together!
Good luck to them all. What a crazy situation!
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