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Hi everyone--

My 35-month-old ds2 was complaining last night and again this morning that his right armpit hurt. Today there is a hard lump there (it might have been there last night; my husband looked and, well, I love my husband, but he does sometimes overlook some things); there is no corresponding lump on the left. He has severe multiple food allergies (over 20 foods confirmed via both test and reaction), so his immune system is wacked out (his IgA, IgM, IgG, and IgE bloodwork always comes back abnormal) but he's only been sick once--he got the flu for two days back in February and then had a subsequent asthma attack. He's had no vaxes since he was 2-months-old (that's how we discovered the food allergies) and he was FTT until he was 2 years old (seriously FTT--he was under 13 pounds at 12 months--didn't grow at all for the five months following his 2-month vaxes). He's still hanging out just under the blasted chart, but he has his own curve now and everyone's happy with his development.

Anyway, he's acting fine, just complaining about his arm sometimes, but, given the struggle we had during his first year, I don't want to take any chances...should I call the doctor, wait a few days, wait a few weeks...? He's been poked and prodded a lot by drs, so I tend to avoid medical intervention unless it's needed.


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