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39 1/2 weeks and baby is...UPDATE ~ Post 11 :)

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Ugh. I had started another thread about whether or not I should get an u/s today. I reluctantly decided to do it, because I wasn't 100% positive that he was head down. And it turns out he's not. He was last week, but the little fella decided that making mommy freak out sounded like fun.

So, I called my chiropractor...she hasn't called me back yet. I don't have an acupuncturist, but I'm hoping my chiro can recommend one. The Dr. said we should schedule a version early next week (I'll be 40 weeks on Tuesday) if I wanted to, which I do, if he doesn't turn on his own. And that if my water broke I needed to get to the hospital RIGHT AWAY for fear of a cord prolapse. Which is DH's biggest fear...for some reason he's terrified of a cord prolapse. I mean, it is scary, but he can have panic attacks about them. And I haven't talked to my MW yet, hopefully she'll have some ideas.

I wish the smilies were working, there'd be little frowns all over this post.

Thanks for reading.
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Oh hug hug hug hug! Turn TURN TURN baby!!!!!! Try to stay positive... visualize the baby head down and visit the spinningbabies site.

Sending you MAJOR turning baby vibes and hugs.
I hope you get in touch with your chiro soon! Is he/she Webster certified? There is a website to look for chiros in your area that are if he/she is not, I can find it if you need. I would think your chiro would probably know of accupuncturists in your area, mine seems too. My chiro is supposed to be finding an accupuncturist close to me if I make it to my 41 week chiro appt, so I could try that to induce labor. I've heard awesome things about chiropractic and accupuncture turning babies. If you can't get in touch with your chiro ASAP, you might consider trying to find another one that you could see in the meantime, because I've heard sometimes it takes a couple times to get the baby to turn. Definitely do what Black Orchid suggested also. BIG HUGS! Turn baby, turn!

I'd definetly look for a webster certified chiropractor.

Best of luck to you!!!

I understand your fear. I hope everything works out. Keep us posted.
(((((((((Hugs))))))))) Good suugestions from the others, I hope baby turns head down for you
Thanks for your support, mamas.

I had my first visit with my chiro this morning, and then again tomorrow, and Monday morning before my scheduled version. She is doing the Webster technique, it's amazing how much less uncomfortable I am right now.

So, keep your fingers crossed for me. Thanks!
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Don't worry. It's a LOT easier for a baby to turn from transverse to vertex than from breech. My baby has done a LOT of flipping this pregnancy, and I've even "encouraged" turning myself gently. If I feel the head going from down low to more up on the side, I gently wiggle it and nudge it downward. Usually the baby just slides right back into head down within a minute. I have been seeing a chiro as well, and when I first started I had a LOT of tension in my left side ligament. Everything is nice and relaxed now though, and plenty of room for the baby to move around. I was amazed at how well it worked!

If it makes you feel any better, when my mom was having my youngest sister, she was transverse until about 1/2 hr before she was born. My mom's water had broken almost 48 hrs before and doc was giving until 6pm or else a csection. My sister was born at 5:42pm. This was in 83
Thanks again, mamas.

I just wanted to let you know that we went in for the version today and he had already turned head down!! Yay! I thought he may have, but didn't want to get my hopes up.
I think the chiro worked wonders, and hopefully my little chats with him helped, too.

: he stays that way...
Thanks again for your support!!!
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that is fabulous!!!

congrats, mama!!

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Yeah!!! I am so happy to hear your news!

I hope that a chiro works as well for me!

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AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You probably feel like the weight of the world is off your shoulders! I'm so happy for you!


Originally Posted by ecomommy

I hope that a chiro works as well for me!

Me, too!! I'll be sending good vibes your way.
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Such good news! Congrats
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Wonderful news! Chiro really does work wonders!
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