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I had my 39 week midwife appointment today. I went in not expecting much as I was not progressing at all at my previous few appointments. I was feeling a bit 'off' today and having some irregular contractions going on, but I didn't think they were amounting to anything. I was surprised! I was 2 centimeters dilated, 50-75% effaced, the baby is way down low, and she stripped my membranes! We'll see what happens!<br><br>
Nothing really going on since then. A few very spaced out sporadic contractions, but nothing to call home about. We'll see! She said she'd be very surprised to see my at my next appointment a week from today. Not totally shocked, but definitely surprised.<br><br>
I'm hopeful. With Isaiah I wasn't dilated or effaced at all before I went into active labor, so really it could be any time now.<br><br>
I'm sure since I said that it is jinxing me to definitely go overdue, but let's hope not! I'm ready!<br><br>
The only downside to delivering this weekend would be that I'd have an ENDLESS train of relatives coming to visit, most of whom I've only met a time or two.<br><br>
Its my FIL's retirement party tomorrow and everyone and their brother is going to be in town.<br><br>
If that happens I'll be booting people out of my room constantly. I only am staying for about 24 hours, and during that time I want to be able to rest, bond, get the nursing going, and not have to worry about passing my brand new baby around to everyone and their uncle.
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