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3am intro

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what better time than 3am to join a new board
im up feeding babies and have been reading this board for a while.

im rachel - ive got 2 big girls (10 and almost 8) and 3 month old b/g twins. my twins were born 10 wks early but are doing very well!! they are probably at least 10 lbs now - not too bad for 3 1/2 lb babies! i swear they are the chubbiest preemies ever! i love it lol
heres a link to our blog with tons of pics

i always have things i want to ask other twin mamas but always forget when i have free hands for typing. i read alot but dont have a chance to post as much as id like because, well, im always holding a baby or 2 lol my son is helping me type this right now LOL

so far my favorite thing about having twins is how excited they get when they see each other
my least fave thing is sleep deprivation LOL Something so precious is how they do the same thing at the same time... sighing in their sleep, startling in their sleep, giggling in their sleep - it all hapens at the same time. Very weird! But so precious
I am so in love with these little babies. It still feels very surreal, having 2 of them! Reality still hasnt sunk in yet!

well, thats about it - hopefully this baby boy will decide 3am is NOT party time and go back to sleep so mama can get a little rest before starting all over again!
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Congratulations on your twins!!! They are adorable. I'm sure big sisters are very proud as well. Good luck with them and we are here at MDC to help with any questions.
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Congratulations! They are beautiful!

Sounds like you are settling well into the whole the mama of twins thing (the whole smitten with the TWO who never let you sleep!!).

I can tell you now, from experience, having an older sibling around is going to be awesome. A true life saver at times. I can't tell you how good it felt when the twins were about 4 months and I asked my 10 year old to look after them while I took a 5 minute shower.
: That was the BEST five minute shower ever!!

Well, mine are needing noonies, so I have to go, but best of luck to you!!
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Welcome to the board - cute kids!
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