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3yo DD has a big mouth!!!

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Well the cat is out of the bag now!!! DD and I were at IL's and dd told MIL "We have two babies now! Me and the one in mommys belly!"
The look on MIL's face was priceless!!!! We were going to wait to tell until I was past 12 weeks, but oh well, I'm glad dd told them, cause now dh and I don't have too. I guess we should let dd tell my mom and dad noow too!!!
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The little ones get so excited! We haven't told ours yet I don't want to until it's more obvious. I got 'when is the baby going to be here' every day! Let her tell your mom and dad that would be fun!
I can't imagine telling my kids now - the wait would drive them batty !
How cute!

I have talked to my three year old about it a little bit, but he hasn't mentioned the baby in days now. I am hoping we can get through easter without him saying anything. We aren't planning to tell our families until Mother's Day.
That's cool that she is too excited to hold it in.

I let Dd (9) tell everyone except my Mom (who screamed when I told her). Dd was part of the decision (she had a voice in it) so it helps her feel a part of the whole thing to tell everyone (plus she's the only extrovert in the house). She's told the neighbors, family, etc.
She's having fun! And I like to hear the stories of the shock in their faces/voices.
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