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I was wondering if anyone else has a child with similar abilities and problems.

My son is 3 yrs and 3 months old, he knows his times tables from 2 to 12 and learning up to his 20 times table rapidly, I would say he is obsessed with numbers. We can't go past car license plates without him needing to read them. He also knew his alphabet from a very young age(16-18 months), and displays some feats of memory that are impressive for his age. Yet he is so far behind in his speech that he has to have speech and language therapy and has a working diagnosis of autism.
This was mainly down to his speech delay, stimming, and his over sensitivity to load noises. Apart from that he is a social lad who is friendly and likes to be around people(he won't leave his nursery until he has had a kiss on his head from the teachers.
He has never stringed a sentence together and says things like "need more" or "over there" to communicate.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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