Leaves are the perfect medium to create beautiful projects and crafts.
Kids love crafts, and Autumn gives you plenty of crafting opportunities. Leaves are the perfect medium to create beautiful projects and crafts with your kids.

Leaves are abundant throughout fall. Chances are your backyard is full of leaves just waiting to become masterpieces. Kids are creative, and typically they can come up with their own art projects if left with the mediums. If you want some set projects, your kids will love these ideas.

1. Leaf Rubbings

If you are looking for a super easy craft, leaf rubbings are the way to go. Have your child select different shape and sized leaves. Then, using the side of a crayon or charcoal, rub over paper with the leaf underneath. Your child will see all of the intricate details of the leaves!

2. Leaf Paintings

So, you want to be a bit more adventurous and messy. Painting with leaves is exciting for all ages. Place the leaves on the piece of paper. Then, have your child paint around the edges of the leaf. When the leaf is removed, it leaves a beautiful impression!

3. Leaf Mobile

When you are ready for a more advanced art project, learn how to preserve the eaves and create a mobile. The process of preservation does take a few days, so I suggest you plan well ahead for this. Once preserved, you can hang them from a wooden embroidery hoop. It will attract attention when hung in a main part of the house!


4. Leaf People Craft

If your child can create a variety of leaves, you can let your child create fun people on paper! Chances are you have most of the materials on hand. You will need to have a variety of shapes and sizes, so a walk through the neighborhood may be in order! This project is great for younger kids or for when you want to leave your kids to their own devices.

With a bit of creativity, you can find plenty of different crafts and ways to use leaves for your kids. What is your favorite fall craft with leaves?