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40+ and TTC SPRING on over!!

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Hey! Let's continue our conversation with a new thread!

Welcome to the 40+ and TTC ~
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O.k...all around us it's happening.Let's celebrate lifes renewel, (Only here do I get to be my earth motheriest self without the rolled eye thing.)Actually,what is really nice is that my kids are absolutely little stewards of the earth already complete with righteous indignation.

I love this time of year..all the warmth of the year just around the corner & lot's of daylight and thanks to my son Max and his encyclopedic knowledge of birds I am working on a mini ornothology degree myself..very fun during migration!'s to's to's to us creating some new life!
(thanks Velveteen!)
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I love this time of year too.

Thanks Velveteen for the new thread!!!
I am in the 2ww not really sure if I o'd but I think I did as I had some EWCM and cramping pain. I did green tea this cycle and really think I get better results with the Robitussin I think I will do both next cycle if I am not PG this time.
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Sick kids! Argh! When will it end! My kids have been tag teaming first with the stomach flu then with some viral thingy. Nick had both strep & virus with high temps starting a week ago Friday..finally got better then this past Friday Max came home with high fever (104+ for 3 days) it's finally down today to 101 and he is feeling better & then what happens..? Lily comes home & has about 104 too!She was supposed to have hernia surgery on Wednesday & of course that is cancelled..I just want her to lick Helena so I can finally be done with it but I imagine that's probably not appropriate!
I actually kind of love the pampering & cuddling aspect but they are miserable & the house is falling apart!
Lisa(Sue Barton/Trixie Beldon)
Just want to keep this up so people can find it..
Lisa R.N
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Hi All,

Just a quick check in before we are off to Italy. Not leaving until Friday but things will be very hectic up until then as DH and I wrap up work and pack.

I'm doing okay but thrown for a loop by this apparently anovulatory cycle. If anyone here has experience with anovulatory cycles, can you tell me what to expect? Do you bleed same as normal when it ends? Do they last longer than normal cycles? I just don't know what to look for and when to start counting the next cycle. Also is there a chance that my body tried to ovulate and didn't but will try again in the same cycle? We clearly saw it "try" on ultrasound, so I know my body tried. I was also getting near-positive OPKs during that time. But no appropriate shift in hormones afterward, so I did not ovulate (blood tests indicated this). I just want to be ready for next cycle but don't know what to look for, or how to look for it. I posted on the main board also.

Other than that, going to my mind/body infertility class which is good. A lot of focus on mindfulness and relaxation exercises. The teacher has a very buddhist approach and I am pretty drawn to that way of approaching things. But I like reading about it more than I like or am able so far to put it into action (this is a trend as I've got several such books on my bookshelf, but that's about it).

Really looking forward to Italy trip but it will be hell trying to get work wrapped up next two days. But should be a great trip. I will be seeing my sister who just had a baby so that will be sure to bring up twinges of longing. But I'm looking forward to it. Really interested to see how it will be for my 32 month old DD also. Should be a good family vacation.

Well, I hope we see at least a couple positives on this board by time I get back. How is that for optimistic? One of them won't be me, but I'd love to closely follow!

Best to all,
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AnaMom Just wanted to say have a safe and fun filled trip. I have no advice on your cycle
but please let us know what you figure out.
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Hi all,

I'm over 40 (42) TTC #1 by DI. Tried twice, took the month of March off, and may try in April, or if not, then May for sure. Meeting with an RE on Friday.

AnaMom, Have a blast in Italy!

Hi there,
Have a wonderful trip,Anamom! I wish I could help with the annovulatory cycle but that is one particular thing I haven't experienced yet. Enjoy enjoy enjoy,family,a new baby to meet & Italy how can you go wrong?

Hows the cyle going,I o'd as soon as I could to catch up with you but still am on cycle day..actually can't remember so busy nursing! 4 or 5dpo I think.

Welcome MsGB!
We wish you luck as you begin your TTC journey. Tell us about yourself,we love to have new people join us.

Gotta go hydrate & temp my boy!
Have a fabulous trip Anamom! I've always wanted to go to Italy as my dh is full-blooded Italian and of course speaks Italian, so it would be really fun to experience that.
Sorry I have no advice on anovulatory cycles as it is something I have not experienced. Hopefully more mama's on the main board can be more helpful.

Welcome to MsGB! So glad to have you!

Well, my whole household is down and out with flu/colds. I have finally succumbed to the cold after beating it off for a week! Oh well, hoping to O next week, and by that time should be better.
Here's to a great spring!
Mamaov4 I am 5 or 6 dpo so we are right in there together. I had some very noticable cramping yesterday. Not normally something I am aware of and I am hoping it was implantation. We shall see. :)
Welcome MsGB
Laurie..good luck! Hope that's meaningful crampiness! I have not had time to thin or obsess at all but will test before I go if no AF to know whether ot not to bring my progesterone creme. I think I will be 12 dpo (I am 5 dpo now).
We leave Thursday the 13th & will be gone 10 days! Weeha!

(picture commiserating smiley here) I am sorry you have the crud too. Max came down with a nasty rash & it is looking like he has Mono..blood work comes back tomorrow. It was a real ordeal for him,he was poked 4 times & as he has memories of lot's of blood work with his kidney infections he was very anxious to start.Nick is O.k & back to school,Lily seems to be getting better-Helena-big finger cross-is fine. REALLY looking forward to a sea air cure!

Hi to all...check in when you can,
You gals are all so sweet! Thank you for the warm welcome.
I just learned about from a friend who has 2 still in grade school. This is an awesome site!

My story: I'm 42, single, have a great 12 year old dog who keeps me in shape. There are no quality men in sight. I finally have some work / life balance (but less $$), so I knew it was time to dive in and ttc. I have regular 25 day cycles, and now know that I have a short LP. I'm taking the charting thing more seriously, and have been reading books about my cycle, diet, etc in order to become more knowledgeable to enhance my chances. I tried twice with IUI and a regular OB/GYN group who didn't seem to care much about giving me direction. The 2nd cycle was with clomid, but unmonitored. I'm seeing an RE tomorrow for the first time, and am going to ask for progesterone supplementation. I may try ttc this month (in about 10 days or so) by ICI, and would love more info from others who've done it. I figure I can do 2 ICI's for the price of one IUI, and would have a better chance of success (if I can get the progesterone!).

I'm eating grapefruit this half of my cycle, and will do pineapple (yummy!) the 2nd half. Am also taking extra B6, eating soy nuts and milk, plus wheat germ and other healthy fruits and veggies. So far, my LP hasn't increased. Hope the progesterone will do the trick!

So, please...send ICI advice, if you've got it, as well as any short LP advice. Thank you all!
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msgoodbuns; are you talking about IVF ICI? Where they take one sperm and inject it into the egg?
I have managed to get my cycle in very good condition again by means of Vitex (the herb also called Chasteberry). Some people swear by it and others do not, but it has worked for me.

Lisa; hugs for Max and the maybe mono! Lots of healing vibes your way. Hoping for a sea cure for your family too!!

massagin; hope that cramping is implantation!
No, I'm talking about DI ICI. I haven't tried Vitex, but I may ask my doctor about it.
You might want to join Fertilityfriends ( as well. I think you can at least get a trial free membership & they help with charting so you get the hang of your cycles and they have an active TTC with donor sperm board.
Velvet~healing vibes~back at you!

Got to make tempting muffins..Max lost 4 lbs last week & believe me he doesn't have it to spare..much as I'd like to donate a few pounds to him,it looks like I will have to find something that tastes good instead!
Hi there,
Insomnia here...thought I'd bump us. 8 dpo & 4 days til we go!
Updates my shortest post ever!
Hi there! CD14 today - no idea if I'm ovulating or not since I was too late to start w/ the fertility monitor this cycle. Have been FTC since CD11 and plan to keep it up till CD18 or so. Having sex for the sole purpose of conception is really hard. I'm so depressed. I had thought dh would get into it once we got going, but no, every night he is even more butt-draggy about it. I hate this, I hate this. I hate being with a man who has totally lost interest in sex. I swear, IUI would be more of a pleasure than this!

Does everyone else have a wonderful sex life? Or is there anyone else having to force themselves to do what has to be done?
I try to call it the Festival of Romance..but yes sometimes when life is busy it is less than a festival! This should be your worst cycle since you don't know your what exactly is going on & hopefully all your hard work will pay off! I have such short cycles myself that there really isn't time for burn out. You know,once you pinpoint your fertile period you won't have to have such a marathon & daily probably isn't neccesary.With OPKs we try to cover + day and the day after for sure..all else is bonus. Velvet can probably let you know how to maximize things with the FM. Maybe lack of information might help your DH..I have heard of MANY men who don't like TTC sex if they know about it. Not unusual at all.Hugs to you, I know many times I've wished that all aspects of this could be less planned & scientific!
Summermom; we used to bd for days on end trying to 'cover' all the bases~ that is exhausting, even if one of you is sick.
With the FM, we have it narrowed down now, so it's not such a marathon. Now everything else is a bonus! With the FM, you really only need to cover two or three days, which is all good
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