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Welcome to the 40+ TTC Thread!
Babies Born
Hockeylover/Juls (44) Twin Girls born 12/08 (juls is 44)
kbhlmh/Karen (47) Kevin (boy) born 12/05 when I was 44y2m. FYI - natural conception!
Juneau (44): Baby Girl Eliza Jane born 1/12/09
DoulaMomVicki: Edie Mae born 1/25/09
WV Mommy/Erika (41): Josiah Born 2/5/09


s*******/Shelley: EDD 5/24/09
Veganmama719 (41): EDD 7/25/09
saoirse2007 (39)
ElliesMomma(41) EDD 09/17/09
Pookietooth/Jen (43) 10/21/09


ACsMom/Jen (39.5)
BHappy/Karen (41)
beachlover (42)
BelovedK (42)
berinjela (40)
bilbi (40)
Buzzer Beater/sara (45)
can't wait/Felicia (41.5)
Finding Serenity
Folaboye -- waiting to be ready
Joyluc (45)
KaydasMom (41)
kbhlmh (47)
Kristin0105 (43)
LisaSedai (41)
lovbeingamommy/Kate (44)
MassaginMommy/Laurie (46)
Miracle and Wonder/Candida (45)
Msgoodbuns (45) - single, dating, acting and ttc'ing!
my other age is 34 (45)
nicksmom03 (43)
Ompath (40)
pitchfork (40)
Rainpainter (41)
reikibirth/Toni (45)
salt phoenix (41)
Sapphos/Laura (41)
SecretBeach (40)
Shellbell62/Shelli (46)
Sunrise/Sara (42)
Susan aka Speedknitter(45)
TheSnowQueen/Susan (46)
WaturMama (42)
zonapellucida (39)

If I've missed anyone or you are new and want to be added to the list, please post your request in the thread in BOLD


karen1968 (40)

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Happy April Ladies. Spring has finally hit here. I love hearing the birds singing and seeing things start to bloom. It has been in the 60s here, after the long winter that feels really warm.

AFM I am cd19 7dpo according to Fertility Friend I have slightly sore (very minor) boobs but nothing else going on. It is still early in the 2WW going for acupuncture tomorrow.

Ompath good luck with everything. TCM and acupuncture has gotten my cycles back on schedule and I am feeling very balanced lately.

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Um, it is snowing here today.

ETA: I just looked at the old thread. I took pretty much everything that Kristin took. I was conflicted about the fish oil and the royal jelly becasue of my veganism but I did take them. My acu had me on 2 Green Flower chinese formulas. One called Nourish the Essence which I took AF-O and one that was Peony something that I took O-AF.

It sure wasn't cheap but it was way cheaper than IVF which we could not afford.

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Originally Posted by massaginmommy View Post
BHappy I moved you. Sorry I didn't do it before I didn't want to assume anything and was waiting for you to give the go ahead.
thank you, that was very kind of you.

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Just checking in, tired today -- but a lot going on and a lack of sleep due to the frost fans coming on on random days very early in the morning, sounds like a heliport.

CD 14 I got a positive OPK today, so at least I didn't miss it like I thought. Still some spotting, stomach cramps. Can the uterus not expel all of the blood from the period and old blood come out when it re-opens for ovulation?

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Ompath, my friend who is thank goodness recovering from ovarian cancer has been flooding me and other friends with info about it. Bloating and abnormal bleeding are 2 of the symptoms. This card I have here says take action of symptoms last more than 2-3 weeks. I don't want to alarm you, and chances are it is nothing so drastic, but since I noticed that I wanted to mention it just in tiny tiny case.

massagingmommy, I love the new thread title! Thank you for managing this thread.

All of you who are excited about January '10 babies if you have more to say about it I'd love to hear it. I've been feeling disappointed and sad about missing '09. I could use a '10 pep talk.

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My temp went up today. 8 dpo I will not test early I will not test early I will not test early.
I don't have any tests so it makes it fairly easy to not test. I have had previous cycles where in this time frame I had a temp rise. Just something to look at on my chart I guess. I also have slightly sore boobs still. Nothing else.

Ompath Hooray for Oing

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Well, I'm back, albeit briefly. Life is too busy. Can't believe that I used to have time to chat with you regularly. Now weeks go by and I check in only when time permits. How did that happen?
BHappy, I hope that you find your sticky bean soon.
Did I miss anything else significant?

I'm CD 11 or 12. Sex drive is just kicking in. No fertile CM yet. Not doing much dating (but trying to rev things up again). Was sick for over a week...fever and exhaustion, then I lost my voice. Lots of raspy whispering (I can't seem to keep quiet, even when I'm supposed to!). I'm finally starting to feel like my old self. Trying to have a positive attitude, despite the long and stressful work days. We can convince ourselves of anything, right? Attitude is simply a state of mind that can be controlled from within. I'm determined to be positive and upbeat, happy and charming. Don't want to risk having a poor attitude and losing my job. The economy is so bad right now that I can't afford to be one of the 1-in-10 that are newly jobless.

On a positive note: 8 weeks til moving day, and counting. I can't wait!
Hope everyone is doing well. Laurie, thanks for the new thread.

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Hello everyone! Hope you are having nice spring weather wherever you are (well, if you are in my hemisphere)

I love the title to this thread. You are so creative Massagingmommy.

Msgoodbuns Hope work treats you more kindly this month so you don't have to try so hard not to go postal.

Pookietooth Week 11 already! Woo hoo! Time flies when you are pregnant and drags when you are TTC. Why is that?

Ompath Yay on O'ing, I don't know what the spotting could be about. Hope it's nothing but like Waturmama said, I'd prob call the Dr and get it checked.

VeganMama Thanks for the dust!!

: Hope the temp stays HIGH

Thanks everyone who told me about progesterone last thread. You guys are great, I'm learning alot hanging out on this board!

I'm expecting AF in 3 days. I o'd late (CD 18) so it's way to early to test. I am unfortunately feeling a bit of a backache- which I normally get b4 AF and no boob soreness (which I had when I was preg both times) so I don't think I'll be having my 2009 Christmas present.

Well gotta go to work. Take care all!
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