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40-week appointment, should I even bother going?

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Today is my due date and I'm trying to decide whether to go to my 40 week appointment or not. My midwife's office is only about 15 minutes away via freeway, but I'm wondering whether it's smart to drive all that way with just my DS on my due date. We also only have one car, so it would be difficult for my DH to get to me if I were to go into labor. Plus, we are planning a homebirth, so I'm not really interested in seeing my CNM at this point. What do you think I should do? My DH was telling me that there is nothing they can really do for me at this point, so there's really no need to go.
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IMO I'd go. My mw is 40 minutes away.

With my first she was on time but my second she was 2 weeks late. We are planning our 3rd hb come October.

IMO, Its good keep up the monitoring just to make sure everything is continuing to go well.

Enjoy your upcoming hb!
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Thanks for your reply, Erin! I was thinking the same thing, so I will go ahead and go. I think I'll take side-streets instead of the freeway though.

And thanks, I'm looking forward to my homebirth!
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well, for one I wouldn't be worried about going into labor on the way or anything.....I could drive 15 minutes in early labor, no problem.

that said, I canceled my 40 week appointment just because I wasn't in labor and I'd been seen every week and I needed a break......I didn't really want to deal with hearing that *nothing* was happening, and I knew everything was I cancelled it.

if you don't feel you need it, I say don't go.........
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