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I'm due any day now (tech. the 8th or the 17th or the 22nd, depending on the doc). The other day I had started feeling the urge to clean, nesting I guess you call it. Still in the throes of that. I also had some intense pre-labor (even thought it could be real as it was getting more intense and the contractions were regular, but it subsided after 4 hours or so).<br>
Now, I can't eat anything or I feel sick. I mean anything. Some things make me less sick, less volume makes me less sick, but if I eat anything, I feel nauseous and FULL and I can't even seriously think about food for 8 or even more hours. If I have more than a couple of cups of food, I have to wait till the next day till I can eat again and have had threats of vomiting (but I have a really high tolerance).<br>
This is my second baby, I don't recall anything at all like this with my first. I do have (frequently crippling) hip and pelvic pain that I've had for a few months (though it has gotten a bit better since the nesting urge and pre-labor happened, enough that I can clean in spurts) and a friend suggested that it is the baby pressing down on the loose & misaligned hip & pelvis, engaging too early and making me sick. It does feel a bit better when I am on all fours or in a semi-squat, but only for so long. Maybe a minute after I get up it's back, though the all-fours is welcome relief when it's been bad.<br>
Anyone else experience this?<br><br>
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