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I will be sad to see my "fertility" go--I just had a baby 19 months ago after a 10 year gap and I wish I could have "just one more" before menopause hits.<br><br>
Do most women have regular periods at my age? Does this mean I'm ovulating regularly, too?<br><br>
My current life situation isn't such as would make it a good thing for me to have another child, but things can change, I guess.<br><br>
I recently read that a woman spontaneously conceived and gave birth to her first child at age 55. I don't know that I really want another 10 year gap in my kids, but it makes me think of possiblities.<br><br>
My last baby was a surprise and birth control baby. I had so much trouble getting my first one, the second 2 were surprises. Other than those first several years of infertility, I have never "tried" to get pregnant.

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<div style="font-style:italic;">Does this mean I'm ovulating regularly, too?</div>
Just because you are getting your period regularly does not mean you are regularly ovulating, but neither does it mean you are not regularly ovulating.
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