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5/6 Shorts needed for this summer

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Anyone have several pairs fsot? I have some silks, mystery novels, a solar system puzzle, some women's clothes, some brand new men's dress shirts, other things, or paypal.

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As you can see from my signature, I am not too particular! No camo, no lace and frills, no chirstian or character, and it should be durable since we play hard! But, in terms of colors/styles I am very open.
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I have three pairs of boys shorts - a red pair from Old navy, pull on, play shorts. A pair of nicer solid blue, navy, and a pair of blue's and other colors, kinda like golf shorts. All are size 5. I can do pics if ya want.
Cool, I would love a picture and the price ppd to 11205. THANKS!
Thanks for getting the pictures, they don't look too much like my dcs style but I appreciate you pulling them out. Thanks!
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