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Okay so since birth I have will pass (no pun intended). Well it has been a LONG 5 months and many choppy nights. Day seems ok, but then the night hits and we are up. Sophia kicks all night long, when I finally wake up enough to realize she is suffering from gas, I am able to pull her knees to her chest and work it out. This all starts about 2am.

She goes to bed about 9pm then up for the day at 6am. This doesn't seem like enough sleep to me! But the 6am is another fit of gas and I think she just gives up on sleep. I can work it out, take warm bathes with her, do warm compresses, massage her belly, squeeze her knees to her chest and this stuff works. What I want to know is when will she be able to push out gas on her own? Without crying! I am not eating brocolli or dairy or nuts or beans, are peas a legume? do I have to eliminate peas?

She is SOOOO gassy, should baby gas stink? Help, we need nighttime sleep!
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