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5 weeks and cramping normal?

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Hello there! My first pregnancy and I'm 5 weeks along is slight cramping and having mild pain once in awhile on both sides normal? It took me 3 years to get preg. Please post your opinions. Thank you!
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Does it feel like a stretching sensation? As your uterus grows the ligaments around it are stretched and may feel a bit unplesant. I would mention it at your 1st Dr appt so a Dr can reassure you--but I'm guessing that is what you're feeling.
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Very, very normal. Early pregnancy is often a very crampy time. I spent the first several weeks expecting bleeding at any minute. It's probably just everything getting started up and stretching a bit.
Totally normal. I felt like I was being stabbed on both sides during the first weeks. It went away after the first trimester.
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