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5 yo went in neighbor's house w/o asking

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What would you do?
A new boy, 5, moved in to the house behine our house. They have been playing with each other all week long, in both yards. I met his mom yesterday - we just introduced ourselves over the fence and that's it. Yesterday also, when I called my dd in for dinner she didn't answer. She had gone inside her friend's house to play. I ent over to the fence and called, she heard me and came home. I told her she was not allowed to go inside his house without asking me.

Well they're inside his house again. I'm upset and think I'm gonna have her stay inside our house for the rest of the day. Or should I just remind her of the rules again?

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OOps, clarification: She not over there anymore, I went and got her, just wondering how to deal.
I would remind your daughter each time she went outside. If it was me I would also talk to the other Mom and just let her know that you don't want your daughter going into the house without explicit permission from you.

fwiw, I have to leave my front door open when my son goes outside because our doorbell is too high for him to reach. I get the neighbor kids coming in all the time! I just tell them, "go outside and play" I would never have a child come into my house to play without explicit permission from the parent. There is one little neighbor girl that has an implied permission from her mom because we know each other well and her mom and I have talked about it.
I agree with PS. I would never let a child I didn't know well into my house without permission from the parent. Talk to the mom. You know nothing about her house, rules, etc. and your child shouldn't be in there alone until you are very comfortable with them.
Tell the other mom your rule so she can send your dd out if she wants to go in.
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