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I don't any advice for you but I can sympathize!
My 5-year-old dd is a ball of energy at bedtime. I have to carry her to the bathroom and play these elaborate games to get her to brush her teeth, which she does rather acrobatically. Then we do a couple of stories and lights out. During all of this she is jumping around, trying to get me to laugh and talking incessantly. After the lights are out we play bedtime games, it is the only way to get her to go to bed without a huge struggle. This usually lasts anywhere from a half hour to an hour and a half! All this and I still have a 3-month-old dd who needs to be nursed to sleep too. Honestly, I love this time with my older dd, we have the best talks and I feel really close to her. But is really is exhausting! I am totally unavailable at night for those few hours, I tell my friends they can't call me after 6pm, lol! I just try to remember that it will pass, bedtime *will* get easier and I will have these memories to treasure.
Though if anyone does have any advice for us, I'm all ears!

Wait, maybe you could try bedtime games with your dd? It really does capture dd's attention and makes her more eager for bedtime. We do stuff like, "How many uses are there for water?", or "What animals have fur?". She loves it, I wish I had thought of it ages ago!
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