beautiful babyWe recently asked our Facebook community the question, "If you could share ONLY five words of advice (no more, no less) with a brand new parent, what would they be?" The response was overwhelming, with nearly 2500 parents offering their wisdom.

And considering we asked for only five words...we were so impressed! Much of the advice was encouraging--reminding parents that attachment parenting really is worth it and the days really do fly by and a messy house really is okay.

We also loved advice that recommended you put down the parenting books and start trusting your instincts. Reminders that the frustrating moments really do pass and the good memories live long in your hearts.

So much wisdom! We hope that you'll take our 50 most popular snippets and keep them close to your hearts. Pull them out on the days when the dogs got the toddler's oatmeal and what they didn't get is splattered on your wall. Pull them out when you feel like you can't go one more second as a breastfeeding mother (because, and we know it) and you need some encouragement.

Pull them out when your newborn just wants to be held. All the time. All day. All night. Everywhere you go. Pull them out to remember that's what you're there for right now and there's nothing better in the whole world than being the one who can calm your child.

Pull them out when you find yourself scrolling through social media and wondering why you can't be like that mama or the other mama or that other mama either. You were made to be the mama YOU are, and you're awesome.

Pull them out when you're panicking about whether or not you'll be able to do it all. You can, Mama, and you WILL. And you'll do so much more than you ever dreamed!

Pull them out when you're exhausted and feel like sleep will never come as easily as it seems to for your partner (because whoever said they want to sleep like a baby is nuts. Babies sleep allll kinds of jacked up ways!). Sleep will come one day, we promise, and when it does, you'll actually miss those sweet middle of the night snuggles.

Pull them out when the doctor tells you that you read too much. Be brave and have them prove you wrong. Mama's instincts rarely are.

Pull them out when the school calls and tells you they need to talk to you. You've got that, Mama, you really do.

Pull them out when you're disappointed it didn't turn out how you thought it would. We'd bet that in just a few years, you're going to look back and think you couldn't have planned it any better if you tried.

Pull them out when you're worried you'll never get it right. None of us do. But we get it right for us and our families, and that's what counts.

Pull them out when you feel like you don't belong in this Mama club because someone does it better than you do. You belong. And again, let them do them and you do you. Your child calls YOU Mom for a reason. That's all the club membership you need.

Pull them out when you're worried you're alone in how you feel. We've got at least 50 mamas here who will happily tell you that you're not.

5 Words of Advice from 50 Parents

1. Stephanie W. -- Days are long. Years short.

2. Lindsay L. -- Trust yourself and your baby.

3. Kara A. -- Keep breastfeeding- it's worth it!

4. Mandy B. -- Don't listen to anyone else.

5. Christy M. -- Trust your instincts. They're right.

6. Heather S. -- You can't spoil a newborn.

7. Kristyn L. -- Co-sleep and breastfeed on demand.

8. Joan H. -- Baby does not need perfect.

9. Jessica D. -- Say no to infant circumcision.

10. Jamie T. -- Sleep when the baby sleeps.

11. Jess R. -- Attachment parenting is worth it.

12. Julie J. -- Don't compare yourself to others.

13. Lissette G. -- A messy house is okay.

14. Becky G. -- Perfection is impossible and unnecessary.

15. Keri R. -- Hold them while you can.

16. Michelle K. -- Your instincts trump expert advice.

17. Amber J. -- This too shall pass...quickly.

18. Lauren J. -- Intact, breastfeed, babywear, love, trust.

19. Allison W. -- Don't worry about the house.

20. Jennifer J. -- Hold them when they cry.

21. Melissa F. -- Never underestimate a child's ability.

22. Cynthia W. -- You were made for this.

23. Kate M. -- Don't panic, you got this.

24. Amber D. -- You cannot spoil a baby.

25. Theresa C. -- Skin to skin solves everything.

26. Jan O. -- Sleep well before you conceive.

27. Lynn S. -- Listen to your little one.

28. Lori A. -- Remember - EVERYTHING is a phase!

29. Jelena Z. -- Mother yourself to mother them.

30. Jennifer S. -- Learn to nurse lying down.

31. Darjee S. -- Breastfeed even though it's hard.

32. Ashli A. -- Follow your heart...not advice.

33. Myriam G. -- Greatest thing you'll ever do.

34. Renay S. -- Don't sweat the small stuff.

35. Destinie A. -- Please don't judge other mothers.

36. Tara H. -- Tomorrow they will be older.

37. Laurie H. -- Ask for and accept help.

38. Bridget S. -- Nap when the baby naps!

39. Shay P. -- Babies always mirror your emotions.

40. Amy L. -- Lower expectations, enjoy the now!

41. Agnieszka H. -- Be very gentle with yourself.

42. Christine B. -- Drink in every single drop!!!

43. Jenny K. -- Nurse, co-sleep, sing, accept help.

44. Jamie M. -- One day at a time.

45. Amber D. -- Pumping output doesn't indicate supply.

46. Denise T. -- Don't freak out over everything.

47. Jamie M. -- You are an awesome mom (or dad).

48. Roxanne S. -- You're doing a great job!

49. Rachel C. -- You are new now too.

50. Kirsten S. -- Put down the parenting books.

What would your five words of advice be?

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