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50 ways to sell home made products

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This stems from the etsy thread. I am listed on etsy (, but I am looking to compile a list of 50 other ways to sell items. Not including eBay, which I have tried, but don't really like. I really want to be a WAHM, but I am just starting out and need some creative ideas for selling crafts.

I'll start.

1. Consign at boutiques
2. Flea Market
3. Craft Fairs

... now time for your creative ideas!
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Check with your local churches to see if they have craft fairs.

Rent a booth at a craft mall/antique mall

Not just consign at boutiques but get them to purchase the items from you at wholesale (you set the price) and then they display and sell them at their retail price. That way you don't have to wait until they sell to get your money.

Go to craft shows and see if any of the crafters are looking for wholesale items to purchase and resell.

Host parties at your home (or have friends host them at their homes) and include other crafters who make different items. The holidays are just around the corner so it's a good time to plan them now. Have a cake and tea party and let each crafter set up in a room then invite all of your friends over for some low hassle shopping.

I will think of others.

Originally Posted by supervee

I will think of others.
I just saw that on another thread too. I have it on my to-do list for tomorrow. It looks really interesting.
See if you can leave business cards at health food stores, preschools, etc., wherever your target audience might be.

Great thread!
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BUMP! Let's get to 50!
I'm expecting my business cards to come this week. I want to give 5 people each 10 cards and ask them to give them to the 10 people they think would be most likely to buy from me.
Ooo, I like that idea.

You could also join a networking group for moms, perhaps in your local area.

Does your product lend itself to writing articles? Perhaps in trade mags or in the local "features" papers? Can you put a creative spin on it?
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very interesting.

I have a sticker on my car....
I got one known sale from it.

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Did anyone mention Hyena Cart? I breezed through the posts nd didn't see anything about it-

I bought a siggy here and linked it to the H.C. I sold a few things this way.
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