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Hello Community.

I have a 5yr daughter and a 6yr old son. We're often outside in the nature the whole day and of course the kids have to do a wee or a poop then (We live in a country where it's not a crime).

My girl learned by herself to pee outside sitting down with her bottom flat on the ground with her legs outstretched. It's the most comfortable way for her and in contrast to squatting she can do it this way without wetting herself or her clothes

The problem starts when she has to poop too. She sits down completely too then, because she has to pee at first and then she sits down there, pushes and pushes and tries hard to get "it" out but without success. I feel so sorry for her because it's obvious everytime that she really needs to go, she pushes and pushes and tells that she's feeling the poo tryin' and being so close to get out but not making it, and then she keeps pushing and trying until she can't do it anymore.
The longest time we spent to have her trying was about 30 minutes but she didn't make to squeeze "it" out underneath her.

Does anybody know a way how to encourage her to make it? She totally refuses to squat down or to sit on a log. She wants to do it like she always does it, she says...

Any suggestions how to get her making it this way?
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