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6 mo. old won't stop moving to sleep!

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My little 6 month old son has never stopped moving since he swam to the surface of his birthing tub. Sleep has always been a challenge, but we were doing fine, cuddling him to sleep in our bed/co-sleeper around 6-7pm and then finishing our day. One day we heard some small things plopping to the floor and thought he must have thrown some stuff off the bedside table. NO. He had crawled out of the cosleeper, across the bed, and was hanging from the bedisde table when my partner walked into the room. it was then we decided we had better get him into a crib. this was about a month ago. he was (to put it mildly) not interested in sleeping in the crib. but with much patience and persistance it now only takes us an hour to put him to bed, which is only slightly longer than it was taking in the co sleeper.

his new trick is pulling himself up to standing, and its like a complusion. if he is the slightest bit awake he MUST either be standing or getting himself to standing or crying becasue hes standing and doesn't know how to get down. we tried rocking him to sleep and putting him inthe crib sleeping, he wakes up intsntly screaming. put him in crib awake and happy, he either screams or flips over and makes his way to the side to stand. put him in sleepy with pacifier in mouth and arms held by his side so he can't flip over and he'll fall asleep for a few minutes, but if you let go of his arms or sit next to the crib instead of peering into it he wakes up and either screams or stands depending on the mood. we're trying all the things from no cry sleep solution. and it WAS getting better. we are back at square one. my partner is all for letting him cry it out. well, she claims she's all for it, but i don't think she could follow through. i can't do the cry it out thing, although i can ABSOLUTELY UNDERSTAND those of us who have gone that route.

somebody else must have gone through this. any tricks? do we have to just wait until he can get down from standing by himself? his sleep is sufferring so that he has bags under his eyes. if he does fall asleep in the crib, i bring him to bed the first time he wakes up and nurse him all night. if he doesn't fall asleep in the crib i go to bed early and start the all night nurse a thon early. i wear him just about all day long, in fact, if he needs to take a good nap - ie over 25 minutes - i have to wear him. oy.

mamas - i long for your advise and expereince. this is so hard.

katie, tyson, and kellan
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to both of you.
does a bath help ?
loud/soft music
I don't know if a walker, exersaucer, etc. is an acceptable option for you.
He just likes to be upright, huh ?
My DS must be sitting now -

ughhh, I, too, have a virtual no-sleeper but your little guy - wow.
I had a snuggle nest in the bed when he was an infant & he would squirm down so even 1 toe was touching me.
He only takes a few 20 min power naps during the day & that's only after he drifts off after nursing.
He's 9.5 mos & it's getting a tad better.
We co-sleep with a soft-rail

I'm sure other mamas will have more suggestions for you but lotsa hugs from me
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I know how hard this age can be. Carter is now 10M old. When he first started to pull up he would NEVER sleep. It was like he learned something new and he was going to do it every chance he could! We never really figured out any real tricks other than making sure he was really, really asleep before putting him the his bed. We also had a toy attached to his crib, we took it down. It seemed to help a bit.
This will pass mamma!
Same here!

My 9 month old moves all night long and always has. Sometimes she moves herself awake and has to be nursed back to sleep and other times falls back asleep on her own (allthough not that often). I have been sleeping with one eye open since the day she was born and it can get very frustrating

She sleeps best when she is right in the middle of dp and I but when he goes to work at 3am....he puts up a pillow barricade where he was sleeping....kind of works but I still worry like crazy. I have been tempted to buy a crib but I know she wont feel safe in one...and I would probably worry about her even more if I couldnt feel her breathe all night...she is a co.sleeper and a mover and I just have to deal with it until she grows out of it....

I know I am not much help but at least I can relate...I will follow this thread and see if you get any good pointers!
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Wow, Katie, my son is exactly the same way. He's six months old, and we get him to sleep each night by walking him through the neighborhoods in our sling around 8:30PM. (We're trying to move his bedtime back a little, but each time we try that he seems to wake up very alert in the middle of the night.) Once we get him down, he sleeps about 2 hours at a stretch, though it's usually only 45 minutes the first stretch of the night. He too, is compulsively standing. And I do mean compulsively. He even tries to stand while nursing during the day, and though he crawls, he crawls with the sole purpose of getting to the nearest table leg to help him stand! Even if we did let him CIO in his crib, which we don't, I don't know how we'd do it given the standing. We bring him into bed when we go to sleep and the nights are usually pretty smooth as long as I respond to his desire for nursing every couple of hours, but I'm starting to get scared about safety as he is perfectly capable of crawling right over us...though I think that would wake us up. He naps during the day three times, usually no more than 45 minutes. He hates the car.

So you are not alone! How are things going with your son? It's been a couple of months since your post, I realize.

Sandrine & Ethan
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