Without regular attention, closet organization can fall by the wayside.
Bedroom closets: the bane of many mothers' existence. There's clothes in there, but you can never seem to find what you're looking for. The hats and scarves mix happily with the suits and lounge wear. Without regular attention, closet organization can fall by the wayside.

If you've been thinking about tackling your closet, there won't be a better time than now.

When you're ready to organize your closet, break the organization into short term and long term goals. Take it slow and steady--but with purpose. The first order of business should be to purchase key items and purge the closet itself. Once that's done you can develop a longer-term solution to sidestepping clutter in the future. New year, new plan: bust that closet clutter with these six great tips.

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Short Term

1. Invest in Good Hangers

Good hangers can make all the difference when maximizing space in a closet. Instead of using three hangers for a suit top, bottom, and shell, use one hanger designed to accommodate an entire outfit. Organizing closets by complete outfits not only saves space, but time as well. Take a few moments each weekend to design your weekday outfits; this practice eliminates the weekday morning zombie standing before a closet conflictingly stuck regarding what to wear. Grab-n-go, mama!

2. Evaluate Needs

What clothes do you actually need? While moms often work to establish the idea of need vs. want for our children, we often forget to evaluate our own lives by this idea. Ideally, think about what clothes you need on a daily basis; those clothes should have priority in the closet space. After having my daughter and staying home for a few years, I still had work suits taking up space. Admitting my body shape had changed and I hadn't touched them in several years allowed me to accept I didn't need them anymore. I needed more active clothes to keep up with an energetic kiddo. Off they went to a non-profit that outfitted women for first interviews. Now that I'm working again, I found space for new suits that fit better.

3. Effectively Purge

When was the last time you physically removed every item in your closet and saw all three walls bare? It's time. Take a morning for yourself, shut the bedroom door and clear out the closet. Before getting started, have three bags or boxes at the ready: consign, donate, trash. While it's always a great idea to pass clothes on to those who need them, some items may be beyond saving. You know the ones I'm talking about-that shirt with the wine stain you love and swore you'd get out magically but never got around to.

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Take a breath and place everything on the bed. Then, begin the task of evaluating the item before placing it back. A good goal is to remove a third of items in the closet; so in other words, for every three shirts you look at, keep two and get rid of one. Pro tip: don't let clothes you're parting with hang around-you'll be tempted to dig though those bags and reclaim one or two items. Once everything is back in the closet, pack up the clothing to consign and donate and take them where they need to go.

Long Term

1. Reverse Hangers

Yup! Take a moment to reserve the hangers in your closet. As you wear the item, return the hanger to its usual position. At the end of the season, you'll be able to assess what clothes you didn't choose to wear at all. If you're not showing several items any love, pass them on to someone who will! Donate them, sell them, offer them to a friend who might like them. This is a great way to slowly weed out the clothes you don't naturally gravitate towards anymore.

2. Invest in a Closet System

While such systems can be pricey, they can double the usable space in your closet. Even small closets can benefit from a minor facelift and storage solutions. Gone are the days when closets simply offered hanging racks! Pegs for hats and purses and hanging storage for shoes, scarves, and wraps can all help reduce and remove clutter from a closet space in less than a day.