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6 weeks for birth control?

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What is the reason behind getting birth control at the 6 week mark? Do they not do it any sooner than that? DH and I are ready for some "bonding" time between us
and are obviously worried about birth control. I need to get on it (and as soon as I can since things happened way too easily for us.....don't want a repeat and end up getting pregnant again so soon, kwim?). Seems no one gets it before the 6 week mark though. How come? Is it possible to get it sooner? Please enlighten me! TIA
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I think the reason is that you already have a visit scheduled at the six week mark. They want to make sure your nursing relationship is well established before introducing hormonal BC, they want to wait until your hormones have regulated after the birth, and they want you to heal physically first.

Even if you started taking hormonal BC now, it would be two weeks before you would be considered "safe". Why not just use a barrier method until your six week visit?
is it hormonal BC you're talking about?? if yes that's why! i mean the hormones will have an impact on your milk.
what about using a condom? that's the BC we're using for now.
They don't give it before then b/c you're not supposed to dtd before your 6 wk appt. You go to the visit to get things checked over to make sure all is healing well and then they give you the go ahead and then talk bc at the same time. If you are ebf, your chances of getting pg now are SUPER slim.

Originally Posted by thepeach80
They don't give it before then b/c you're not supposed to dtd before your 6 wk appt.
Not necessarily true. My mw had never heard that before when I asked if we had to wait six weeks. She said we could whenever we felt ready, which was 2 weeks pp.

I think part of it is milk supply.
What if it isn't the IUD? Also what if you had never planned on going in for the six week check (this is all hypothetical)? If you called someone up and said give me birth control even though you were only at say three weeks would/could they do it?
With the IUD, they may want to wait until your uterus is healed--until the lochia is gone and for some women it would take longer than 3 weeks. Also, they would want to make sure that your uterus is back to its normal size before insertion. Also, your cervix needs to be closed.

I know of someone who has gotten depo in the hospital before she left, and the same with norplant, so I suppose you could get the mini pill that early.
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