It’s summer and it’s already been one of RECORD heat—especially in the Pacific Northwest. You may be looking for the best ways to cool off this summer, and you wouldn’t be alone. Here are 7 of our favorite ways to keep cool this summer and beat the heat!

Who turned up the thermostat? It’s hot out there, and you’re probably looking for ways to keep you and the family cool? Look no further!

DrinkMate Countertop

This baby is the only home-beverage carbonator that will let you carbonate ANYthing you want to drink. Love your strawberry lemonade but like it fizzy? Drinkmate’s Countertop takes it there. It’s a patented and detachable infuser that’s easy to operate, easy to clean and our favorite? No electricity or batteries required. Its smaller footprint takes up less space than other fizzers on the market and it works with most of the common carbonators out there. Carbonate and chill and you’re cool all day long!

SplashPad Toddler Pool

This splash sprinkler/pool is unique in that it can be a sprinkler or a baby/toddler pool that keeps littles cool while also keeping them safe. The dolphin play mat keeps them able to splish and splash in an age-appropriate way. It is durable and big enough for a couple of kiddos to play together, so it makes a great little play-date pad with friends or a way for siblings of varied age to be able to enjoy time together while they are beating the heat.

Non-Toxic Ice Pop Molds

Maybe some of our favorite summer treats ever! These Ice Pop Molds are made from premium food-grade material and free of phthalates, PVC, BPA, Lead and other toxins that your kids don’t need when they want a sweet, frozen treat! The design helps the ice pop out easily without getting caught in the extra-strong zipper and the funnel makes them super easy to fill, zip and freeze. Makes for a great afternoon of homemade fun and you can have cool deliciousness at your fingertips. Perfect for throughout the year, really, as you can also have smoothies, yogurt or shakes for quick pick-me-ups any day you need them.

Outdoor Misting System


Hello to that cool mist that comes on a hot summer day! Use in your gazebo, under your umbrella on your patio, your greenhouse, the trampoline…you name it, you can use it to keep a cool mist going on the hottest days. The PE pipes are made with corrosion resistance so they won’t rust quickly and it’s customizable for the length of misting area you need to keep cool. It’s multipurpose too, in that you can even use it as an irrigation system for your flowers/garden to keep them cool during the summer days that want to sap their moisture!

Pressure-Activated Cooling Gel Pad Mat


We want to help keep our furry best friends cool too, right? The summer heat can be HARD when you’re wearing all that fur. That’s why the Coleman Pet Cooling mat is one of your dog’s best friends! It stays 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature and is non-toxic and activated by the cooling gel inside. It’s great by itself if your dog needs a spot to cool off, in the car or their carrier and you just wipe it down when you need to clean it. They’ll thank you with lots of cool wags and slobbery kisses!

Mission Cooling Bandana

This is not your average bandana! This one from Mission cools instantly when it’s wet and it will help keep your body cooler with an average of 30 degrees lower than your body temp. Whether you’re exercising, hiking, running errands, at the beach or at a cookout, it’s a great way to keep cool and refreshed without any toxic material. It’s UPF 50 and machine washable. Get one for the whole family and stay constantly cooled and refreshed no matter the activity.

Toddy Cold Brew Maker

How great is it to keep cool with your cold brew? Even better? Having it at your fingertips whenever you want with this nonelectrical coffee maker from Toddy. When you let time do the work (instead of heat), the water filtration process brings out the best in the coffee beans and you lose a ton of the icky acidity in the process. The Toddy Cold Brew Maker is great for ice or blended coffee drinks but if you want to use them for hot coffee, you can.

The coffee concentrate will stay fresh for up to two weeks and that means more cool drinks for you during the summer’s hottest offerings!

Image: PR Image Factory/Shutterstock